How M1’s 2/5/10Gbps Works
  • Imagine a world of endless possibilities beyond your smartphone – from virtual-reality gaming to 4K UHD video streaming and so much more! With new XGPON technology, M1 can now deliver up to 10 times the bandwidth of conventional fibre broadband to connect all your devices simultaneously at speeds that are faster than ever before.

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    • Stream multiple videos seamlessly in 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) resolution
    • Complete your download of huge files at insanely fast speeds
    • Greater bandwidth at home means everyone can enjoy an optimal surfing experience on multiple smart devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets)
  • Plan 2Gbps 5Gbps 10Gbps
    Subscription $59 $129 $189
    Contract Duration 24 months
    Comes With
    • Wireless AC Router
    • 24 mths 4G Mobile Broadband
      • Typical Download Speed (Mbps)*: 45.0 – 106.5
    • Home Fixed Voice Service
    • ONT Activation (worth $58.85)
      • Weekdays, Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm)
    • 3 months' subscription to Internet Security
    • Option to top-up for Entertainment Add-ons from as low as $5/mth
    Typical Download Speed (Gbps)* 1.7 – 1.9 2.8 – 4.5 2.7 – 6.0
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    For customers who wish to re-contract, please proceed to any of our M1 Shops.

    * The typical speed range refers to the range of download speeds that users can experience 80% of the time based on the specific test conditions and parameters which are stipulated on www.m1.com.sg/HBBspeeds and www.m1.com.sg/MBBspeeds respectively. Testing Time Frame: January to March 2018.

    1. What kind of hardware or devices must I have to support the maximum speeds of the ultra fast fibre broadband plans?
    2. To support 2/5/10Gbps speeds, you may require the following:

      • Optical Network Terminal (ONT) provided and installed by M1
      • Cat 6/6a/7 LAN cable
      • Devices with the below requirements

      Computer Processor

      Core i7




      PCIe SSD

      Operating System

      Windows 7/8.1/10 or Mac OS X

      Wired Networking

      - Motherboards with 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port
      - 10GBASE-T Network Interface Card
      - For Mac: Thunderbolt 2 to 10 Gb/s Ethernet Adapter

    3. How can I enjoy the maximum speeds on the 2/5/10Gbps plan with my computer/laptop?
    4. You must connect your computer/laptop directly to the 10Gbps port (port 5) of the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) with a Cat 6/6a/7 LAN cable.

    5. Can I connect wirelessly to the Fibre ONT?
    6. As the ONT has two active ports, you may enjoy both wired and wireless connections. For the wired connection, you may plug in your 10Gbps-compatible computer/laptop directly to the 10Gbps port (port 5).

      To create a home wireless network, we recommend connecting your wireless router to the 1Gbps port (port 1). This is also because there are currently no residential wireless routers in the market supporting wireless speeds of up to 10Gbps, although we expect vendors to roll out 10Gbps routers in the near future.

    7. Can I enjoy free home fixed voice service with the new ultra fast plans?
    8. Yes, you can connect your telephone directly to the voice port on the ONT with a RJ11 cable.

    9. What download speeds can I expect for the 2/5/10Gbps plan?
    10. You can expect the following download speeds:
      2Gbps plan: 1.7–1.9Gbps*.
      5Gbps plan: 2.8–4.5Gbps*.
      10Gbps plan: 2.7–6.0Gbps*

      However, many factors affect the download speed and delivery of internet traffic. Some of these are:

      • The broadband device/equipment used
      • The load on the local/international websites (the number of other people online & network associated traffic)
      • Your computer network configurations and software you're running, such as Outlook or Internet Explorer
      • Your type of internet connection (wired LAN/ Wireless connection)
      • The number of people your broadband connection is shared with
      • Viruses, spy-wares and file-sharing software

      *The typical speed range refers to the range of download speeds that users can experience 80% of the time based on the specific test conditions and parameters which are stipulated on www.m1.com.sg/HBBspeeds. Testing Period: January to March 2018

    11. If I am an existing fibre broadband customer and wish to upgrade my speed or recontract to 2/5/10Gbps, can I do so?
    12. Yes you may do so at any of our M1 Shops if you are eligible to re-contract. Otherwise early termination charges may apply if you still have an existing contract.