Enjoy FREE Crystal Clear Fixed Voice Connection with M1 Fibre Broadband

Stay connected with your loved ones with M1 Fixed Voice Service. To enjoy your FREE fixed voice service, simply plug your home phone into the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) installed by M1 when you sign-up for Fibre Broadband.

What's more, you will get:

  • Free unlimited local calls (incoming and outgoing)
  • Free number retention
  • Attractively priced value-added services
  • 30% discount off listed rates for IDD 002 and 021 calls

Find out how to make IDD 002 and IDD 021 calls.
You can also check country codes and listed rates for 002 and 021 services.

Auction Numbers

Check out our latest range of special numbers and bid for your favourite now!

Number Reservation

Choose and secure your preferred number for your home or office conveniently! Auspicious numbers are also available to all new and existing Fibre Broadband customers, for purchase on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Normal Numbers: Free
Auspicious 1 Numbers: $388
Auspicious 2 Numbers: $88

Check out our range of both normal and auspicious Fixed Voice numbers and make a reservation here.

Sign-up for Fibre Broadband at any M1 Shop, Exclusive Distributor or online to utilise your reserved Fixed Voice number. For existing customers who wish to perform a number change, kindly proceed to any Customer Service Centre after reserving your number.

Terms & Conditions

Value Added Services (VAS)

Each VAS at $2.14/ month VAS Package at $4.28/ month
Call waiting
Call divert
Call barring (outgoing)
3-party conference call
Caller number display
Caller number non-display
Caller number display
Call waiting
Call divert
3-party conference call

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