1. What is Traffic Management?
  2. "Traffic Management" (or "Traffic Shaping") is used to describe measures for the management of traffic across networks in order to ensure that networks operate in an efficient manner. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may take measures to "manage" or "shape" traffic.

  3. Does M1 practice Traffic Management measures?
  4. We undertake Traffic Management measures from time to time in order to ensure that our networks are always operating at optimal efficiency so as to deliver optimum performance and a consistent broadband user experience to our Mobile/Mobile Broadband subscribers.

    To ensure efficient management of our network resources, Traffic Management measures in the form of a speed limit of 1Mbps is applicable for subscribers with excessive data usage. This will only impact 1) subscribers who exceed their applicable monthly local data capacity or 2) subscribers on plans with unlimited data and whose monthly data usage exceeding 50GB. Any speed limit imposed will be lifted at 00:00 hours at the start of your next bill cycle.