1. What is Wi-Fi Calling?

    Wi-Fi calling is a feature which allows you to make or receive calls over local Wi-Fi connection, similar to a cellular call.

    You can connect with any mobile number or fixed line whether or not the other party is on Wi-Fi calling. It enables you to be contactable even in areas where mobile coverage is limited but have local Wi-Fi connection.

  2. Do I need any subscription to use Wi-Fi Calling?

    There is no subscription required, but to use Wi-Fi calling, your M1 line must be:

    • On a postpaid plan subscribed to 4G VAS
    • Used with selected supported devices purchased from M1 with local Wi-Fi connection
  3. Is there a specific Wi-Fi network that I must connect to use the service?

    You can connect to any local Wi-Fi network to use this service.

  4. How do I enable Wi-Fi Calling on my phone?
  5. Can I still use the service when on airplane mode?

    Yes, if the device is connected to a local Wi-Fi network.

  6. Can I use the service when there is no cellular network?

    Yes, if the device is connected to a local Wi-Fi network.

  7. What are the charges for using the Wi-Fi Calling?

    There are no additional subscription charges for Wi-Fi calling. However, all outgoing calls made via Wi-Fi calling will be deducted from your existing mobile plan’s monthly talktime bundle, or charged at the plan’s prevailing rates.

  8. Can I use this Wi-Fi Calling while overseas?

    Roaming WiFi calling is currently not supported.

  9. Are there any charges for enabling Wi-Fi Calling locally and at overseas?

    No, but overseas Wi-Fi call is currently not supported.

  10. Can customers tether from M1 mobile network to use Wi-Fi Calling?


  11. Will caller number non-display still work if I use Wi-Fi Calling?


  12. What will happen if I walk out of the Wi-Fi range while I’m during my call?

    If you are out of the Wi-Fi range while on your call, your call will be continued through M1 4G network [if 4G Voice (VoLTE) call is turned on].