1. What is VSafe?

    Vsafe is a GPS location service that keeps you updated on your loved ones’ whereabouts securely and conveniently. VSafe is available to M1 Postpaid Mobile customers.

  2. How can I subscribe to VSafe?

    VSafe subscription can be done conveniently via the My M1 App, calling our customer service hotline at 1627, by visiting the nearest M1 Shop/Exclusive Distributor, or at any M1 Customer Service Centre. A valid M1 mobile number and Password is required.

  3. Upon subscription, how do I start using the VSafe service?

    Download the VSafe mobile app from iTunes App Store or Google Play. Within the VSafe app, sign in as an ‘M1 Customer’ with your M1 mobile number, Password and a valid email.

  4. What are the compatible mobile operating systems for running VSafe?

    VSafe is compatible with most Android and iOS devices with GPS location services. Android KitKat 4.4 or iOS7 operating systems and above are recommended.

  5. How will I be charged for my VSafe subscription?

    Your VSafe subscription will be charged seamlessly to your postpaid M1 bill and will automatically be renewed every month while you remain subscribed.

  6. Can VSafe work while on a Wi-Fi connection?

    Yes, VSafe can be accessed both on a local carrier network as well as on a Wi-Fi network. Please note that GPS will also need to be enabled on your device.

  7. Must I keep the VSafe application running for the service to be active?

    VSafe can perform its tracking function even when running in the background. It will stop operating when VSafe is removed from the list of running background applications on your mobile device.

  8. How much data will frequent use of VSafe consume?

    Depending on individual usage patterns, VSafe can consume a high amount of data as it requires GPS to be enabled. Customers are kindly advised to ensure that they have sufficient bundled data and to access a Wi-Fi network wherever possible. Please note that prevailing excess data charges apply.

  9. Can VSafe track a family member who is overseas?

    Yes, VSafe is able to provide location information internationally. Please note that international data rates will apply when using this service while overseas.

  10. Is my personal information secure when using VSafe?

    For security, VSafe requires all users to be registered before using the service. All accounts have 3 levels of authentication: mobile number, password and email. For further inquiries, please contact VSafe via email: support@mybusmate.com or phone: 31588384.

  11. What should I do if I lose my phone that has a VSafe subscription on it?

    In the event that your device has been stolen or misplaced, please contact M1 immediately for the temporary suspension of your mobile line. You may inform all Trackers/Trackees to remove their existing tracking request with you via the VSafe app or contact VSafe ( support@mybusmate.com) or phone: 31588384 for assistance on the VSafe service.

  12. Can VSafe track a person without prior approval?

    VSafe cannot perform any tracking on an individual who has not given his/her consent to the Tracker. All tracking requests must be accepted by the intended Trackee using his/her VSafe account.

  13. I am having technical difficulties using the VSafe application.

    For technical assistance, please contact VSafe via email: support@mybusmate.com or phone: 31588384.

  14. How can I unsubscribe from VSafe?

    To unsubscribe, please call our customer service hotline at 1627 or visit the nearest M1 Customer Service Centre.

  15. If I unsubscribe within my subscription period, will I still need to pay the full monthly subscription?

    For early termination of service, the monthly subscription charged will be prorated. You will only be charged for the period you are subscribed.

  16. If I terminate my M1 Postpaid mobile line, will my VSafe subscription end automatically?

    Yes, your VSafe subscription will end automatically and immediately. All existing tracking requests will be deleted for security.