About NFC

  1. What is NFC?
  2. Near Field Communication (NFC) is the wireless technology that enables your phone to communicate with other NFC devices in close proximity. Apart from making cashless transactions at retail outlets, you will be able to access interactive promotional content from NFC-enabled posters, earn loyalty points fand redeem merchant coupons and rewards. With NFC, you are also able to share content such as photos, videos, music with friends having an NFC-enabled phone.

  3. How do I enjoy the benefits of NFC technology?
  4. You will need an M1 NFC SIM card and install it into your NFC-enabled mobile phone.

NFC Handsets

  1. Can I use a NFC handset model that is not found in the endorsed list?
  2. M1 will not be liable for any malfunction of the NFC SIM card and/or its NFC payment services arising from or in connection with the use of any inappropriate handsets/devices' whose model and operating system was not certified. Please note, many phones may be VISA/MasterCard certified but they may not have received certification from Gemalto or the local payment service providers. M1 will continue to work with its partners to expand the list of its NFC-enabled phone models. For more information, please refer to www.m1.com.sg/NFC/phones.

  3. Can I make payments with an NFC mobile phone on a normal postpaid SIM?
  4. Making payments with an NFC-enabled mobile phone requires an NFC SIM installed on the phone. One will not work without the other.

  5. Is Multi SIM available on NFC SIM?
  6. Yes. The function of NFC SIM being the primary SIM works similarly like the primary SIM of Multi SIM service on BlackBerry. Only the BlackBerry with the primary SIM installed is able to receive the BlackBerry service. Likewise, the NFC SIM is the primary SIM which must be installed on the NFC-enabled mobile phone in order for the customer to use the NFC service.

  7. Can I use my NFC SIM on an NFC-enabled handset that has dual-SIM Card slots?
  8. Yes. However, not all SIM slots support NFC SIM Cards. For e.g. on certain NFC-enabled handset models, SIM slot 1 supports NFC SIM Cards whereas SIM slot 2 does not. Please be advised to refer to your handset specifications for more information.

NFC Payment Services

  1. What are NFC payment services?
  2. Payment services refer to stored value, prepaid, debit or credit card accounts issued by third party payment service providers such as MasterCard, Visa, Ez-link etc that may be installed in the NFC SIM.
    These payment services provide the user the means to make payments with the NFC-enabled phone at:
    • All MasterCard PayPass-accepting merchants worldwide including 30,000 merchants island-wide
    • 20,000 retail acceptance points that accept ez-link for retail transactions. Refer to www.ezlinknfc.com for more information.
  3. What is the M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard card?
  4. The M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard is a contactless payment service that enables you to make secure mobile payments at all MasterCard Paypass-accepting merchants worldwide.

  5. What is the difference between the M1 Prepaid MasterCard (physical card) and M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard?
  6. Your M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard allows you to make secure mobile payments with an M1 NFC postpaid SIM and a NFC-enabled mobile phone. It contains features and benefits similar to the physical card except for the transaction limit of $100 per transaction and and daily limit of $500.

  7. What is NFC ez-link?
  8. It is another contactless payment service that enables you to make secure mobile payments at all retail merchant terminals that accept payment by ez-link. Currently, NFC ez-link can be used for transit payments such as SMRT trains and buses.

  9. Is there a difference between a normal ez-link card (physical card) and M1 NFC ez-link account?
  10. The M1 NFC ez-link account enables you to make payments at all retail merchant terminals that accept payment by ez-link and can be used for transit payments such as SMRT trains and buses. However, the M1 NFC ez-link account is not eligible for Concessionary Passes.

  11. Where are the M1 NFC payment services stored?
  12. They are stored in the "Secure Element" (EMV chip) of the M1 NFC SIM. If you change your NFC mobile phone, you have to use the existing NFC SIM on the new NFC mobile phone which contains your payment services such as M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard and NFC ez-link accounts to continue using them.

  13. Are the NFC payment service accounts transferrable to another NFC SIM?
  14. If you change to a new SIM, please note that the M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard & NFC ez-link accounts in the old NFC SIM card will not be transferred to the new SIM card. It will be a new NFC Prepaid MasterCard account and NFC ez-link account.

  15. What is the validity of the payment service accounts?
  16. M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard: 2 years*
    NFC ez-link: 5 years
    *Validity of NFC SIM card starts from the manufacturing date. Kindly check the respective payment services' expiry date via your M1 Mobile Wallet App. Please note that validity is not extendable.

  17. Can I still use any of the payment service account once it expires?
  18. Upon expiry of the payment service accounts, you will not be able to perform any transactions (e.g. top-up, online or retail purchases).

  19. I would like to continue to use the expired payment service account(s), can I renew the account(s)?
  20. Currently there is no renewal or transfer of any remaining value for expired payment service account(s). You can contact EZ-Link and request for a refund if there are remaining value in NFC Prepaid MasterCard or NFC EZ-Link account.

    If you wish to continue to use the NFC payment service accounts after expiry, a replacement of NFC SIM is required*. A new NFC Prepaid MasterCard account and NFC Ez-Link account will be given.

    *NFC SIM and its related charges apply.

  21. Are the payment services credit, debit or prepaid?
  22. Both M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard and NFC ez-link are prepaid services. You need to ensure that there are sufficient funds in each account in order to make a mobile payment successfully. When faced with insufficient funds in either accounts, you may top each account separately.

  23. Can the NFC ez-link account be linked to a GIRO facility?
  24. The EZ-Reload (Credit Card/GIRO) facility is only available for NFC ez-link accounts that are linked to an NFC Transit SIM.

  25. What is MasterCard Contactless?
  26. It is a contactless way to pay (Tap & Go) powered by MasterCard.

  27. Where can I get the account number of the payment services?
  28. Via the M1 Mobile Wallet App under "My Cards", select the card, tap on "Info" or the card image, then tap on "Details" tab.
    • M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard: 12 Digit account number
    • NFC ez-link: 16 Digit CAN number. Alternatively, it may be found via the EZ-Link Mobile App under the "NFC" tab.

NFC Service Sign Up

  1. Who can subscribe to the NFC service offered at M1?
  2. It is available to any Singapore mobile user who has a 3G mobile subscription plan with M1 and a NFC-enabled mobile phone. To use the NFC service, you require an NFC SIM.

  3. How can I subscribe to the NFC service?
  4. Simply visit the nearest M1 Shop to purchase an NFC SIM and buy a NFC-enabled mobile phone. For existing customers with a NFC-enabled mobile phone, request to get your existing SIM upgraded to an NFC SIM.

  5. Can I purchase an NFC SIM without the NFC phone?
  6. Yes. However, you are required to provide a NFC-enabled mobile phone for Shop to do the activation of payment services. A customer without a NFC-enabled mobile phone on hand may not upgrade to an NFC SIM.

  7. Any limit on how many payment services I can subscribe to?
  8. Payment services are unique and specific to each mobile operator; its respective customers subscribed to the NFC service may subscribe to the payments services offered by their mobile operator. Currently, the M1 NFC SIM offers two (2) payment services. M1 is working to bring its customers more payment service options in time to come.

  9. What are the customer requirements for subscribing to the payment services?
  10. Prepaid payment services (M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard/ NFC ez-link): so long as the customer has met the requirements for a 3G mobile plan subscription, the customer is eligible.

Registration of NFC Payment Services

  1. Is it mandatory to register both NFC Prepaid MasterCard & NFC ez-link?
  2. It is highly recommended to register these payment services after activation. Registration for NFC Prepaid MasterCard is compulsory before subsequent top-ups are allowed. Also, in the event of loss or damage of NFC SIM, registration helps to secure the customer's account information for verification. Additionally, customer can temporary suspend or reactivate his account for the above mentioned scenarios.

    How to register:
    NFC Prepaid MasterCard: M1 Prepaid MasterCard App or at
    NFC ez-link: EZ-Link App, or on EZ-Link's website at http://ezlinkactivate.com.sg

Using the NFC Payment Services

  1. How do I access and use the payment services for mobile payments?
  2. To access these NFC payment services for mobile payments:
    1. You will need an M1 NFC SIM installed in a NFC-enabled mobile phone
    2. Download the M1 Mobile Wallet App via Google Play on the Android phone
    3. Launch your M1 Mobile Wallet App.
    4. If you want to pay using your M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard, you can set it as the default payment card or alternatively select it manually and tap on "Pay" button.
    5. On the other hand, your NFC ez-link account is permanently set as default and ready to use at anytime.
    6. Kindly, advice the merchant beforehand your preferred mode of mobile payment, i.e. either MasterCard PayPass or ez-link.
    7. Tap your NFC mobile phone on the terminal and wait for "transaction successful" message on the terminal.
  3. How is the "Tap & Go" process?
  4. Tap & Go means you simply tap your NFC-enabled mobile phone on the Payment Terminal (reader) and as long as there is an active default payment application installed in your device, that payment service will be used to perform the transaction and complete the payment. No signature required.

  5. Is there a limit to the amount per transaction when using the NFC payment service?
    • MasterCard Paypass: S$100 per transaction and daily limit of S$500.
    • NFC ez-link: S$500

  6. Why is my transaction declined?
  7. Transaction may be declined due to inactive/ terminated/ suspended/ expired status of the account. It may also be due to connection issue faced on the payment terminals.

  8. Where can I use the payment services on M1's NFC SIM?
  9. You can use the payment services on M1s at all MasterCard Contactless-accepting merchants worldwide and ez-link-accepting merchants with the NFC logo and public transit payment gantries. Do note that the NFC ez-link may not be used for VEP, ERP and EPS payments.

Customer Support

  1. I am trying to make a purchase at a merchant outlet that accepts contactless forms of payment. However the contactless payment reader is not detecting my NFC phone after repeated tries. What should I do?
  2. Please verify the following on your M1 Mobile Wallet:
    • Default Credit/Debit is "ON".
    • NFC Function is "ON".
    • Ensure there is sufficient battery power in your phone.
    Alternatively, attempt the transaction again by:
    • Tapping your NFC enabled phone at another angle.
    • Tapping your NFC enabled phone at a varied distance.
    • Holding your NFC enabled phone for 2-3 seconds at the contactless payment reader
  3. Nothing happens when I attempt to make an NFC payment with my Samsung Galaxy SIII even though the NFC function is enabled (NFC check-box is ticked). What shall I do?
  4. This could be caused by a known issue with Samsung GALAXY S III which disables the NFC function after restart. Do disable the NFC function (un-tick NFC check-box) and enable it again (tick NFC check-box) before retrying.

  5. How can I reduce fraud issues when making NFC payments?
  6. Some suggested alternatives are:
    • Do not disable your wallet passcode.
    • Turn Off "Default Card".
    • Initiate manual payments.
  7. I have lost my NFC mobile phone. What shall I do?
  8. In case you lose your mobile phone, please contact M1 customer service and request for your mobile line to be suspended from use. Upon line suspension, please call EZ-Link on your mobile line suspension.

  9. I want to terminate my mobile line and NFC service. What shall I do?
  10. To terminate your mobile line, please contact M1 Customer Service hotline at 1627. Please note, upon termination of your mobile line, you need to contact EZ-Link and request termination of your NFC payment services.

  11. My NFC SIM is corrupted and I cannot use the NFC payment services. What shall I do?
  12. Kindly approach M1 Customer Service Centre staff for verification. If applicable, we will do a replacement of your NFC SIM card. Upon replacement, kindly contact EZ-Link to request for a transfer of any remaining value to the new NFC SIM where appropriate. Please note that before a transfer request can be made, EZ-Link would require your NFC payment service account information for verification.

Customer Service Support Hotlines

M1 Customer Service Hotline
For M1 NFC SIM and M1 Mobile App support and enquiries

1627 (24-hour)

For M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard & NFC ez-link support and enquiries

+65 6496 8300
8am to 6pm daily, except public holidays