M1 Mobile Security

  1. Who is Trend Micro? Trend Micro is one of the leaders in anti-virus software and computer security, protecting customers from online threats and data loss.

  2. Can I sign up for more than 1 license? Yes. A total number of 5 M1 Mobile Security licenses can be subscribed by each M1 postpaid customer.


  1. I want to sign up for more than one M1 Mobile Security License; will I still enjoy the promotion of first 3 months free subscription on all the sets? Yes, you will enjoy 3 months free subscription for each Mobile Security License subscribed for.

  2. Will any charges be imposed if i terminate my M1 Mobile Security service? A one-time $10.70 (GST inclusive) administration charge will be imposed if customers terminate their M1 Mobile Security service within the first 3 months free subscription period.


  1. How long does it take for my device to be fully protected? Your device is fully protected immediately after a quick installation of M1 Mobile Security.

  2. What should I do if my Internet disconnects halfway during the download? You can re-download the M1 Mobile Security application again from the same web page.

  3. What is the difference between this M1 Mobile Security VAS and the free Trend Micro Mobile Security version from Google Play? The free version from Google Play provides 5 free features including an Anti-virus scanner, 50MB of cloud storage, privacy scanner for Facebook and a 30-day trial of the premium features. The M1 Mobile Security VAS at $1.50/month includes all 18 premium features and first 3 months’ subscription is free.