1. What is the M1 Mobile Wallet Application?

    The M1 Mobile Wallet Application provides you access to NFC payment features and facilitates interaction and management of your contactless payment cards. Apart from the pre-loaded contactless payment services, you can access other interfaces that include file sharing, purchasing tickets and use it to read NFC promo codes. Moreover, it provides you the interface to manage your payment cards easily.

  2. How do I access the M1 Mobile Wallet Application?

    You can download it from Google play.

  3. What is the "New Cards" feature?

    The "New Cards" feature allows you to explore and discover the list of available payment services you can subscribe to. Once you subscribe to a service, it will appear under "My Cards" main screen menu.

  4. Is it mandatory to enter a passcode in order to access my M1 Mobile Wallet?

    You will be required to set up a wallet passcode the first time you launch your M1 Mobile Wallet, for security reasons. Nevertheless, if desired, you can disable the use of wallet passcode.

  5. I forgot my wallet passcode. Is there a maximum of attempts before my wallet passcode is blocked?

    Yes. There is a maximum of ten (10) attempts before your wallet passcode is blocked. You may want to call 1627 to reset your wallet passcode at anytime. Once your passcode is reset, you will receive a confirmation SMS, thereafter you will need to setup a new passcode.

  6. Are there any specific requirements to set a new password?

    Your new wallet password shall not exceed six (6) numeric digits.

  7. When do I need to enter my wallet passcode?

    You will only need to enter your M1 mobile wallet passcode when you launch and enter the app for the first time. There is no need to enter the wallet passcode in other sub-menus.

  8. What happens when I enable a payment card as default?

    Setting a credit/debit card as default, allows you Tap and Pay without launching your mobile wallet application.

  9. How can I change my "Default Credit/Debit" card?

    To change your default credit/debit card, select the new credit/debit card you want to set as default, tap on "Info" button, choose "Details" and tap on "Enable Default" button. The current default payment card will be automatically disabled as default.

  10. How do I check the transaction history of a particular payment card?

    Tap on "My Cards", select the card you want to check the transaction history of. Then, Tap on "History". Your latest ten (10) transactions will be displayed.

  11. What does the star symbol (*) at the bottom left corner of the card image represent?

    The star (*) symbol at the bottom left corner of the card image represents your default payment cards.