1. What is Internet Parental Control?

    Internet Parental Control is an Internet filtering service that protects you and your loved ones from potentially harmful content or contact over internet. It is applicable to all Fibre Broadband, Postpaid Mobile and Mobile Broadband customers.

  2. Is Internet Parental Control a Premium Rate Service (PRS)?

    No, it is not a Premium Rate Service.

  3. What websites/categories will be filtered?

    By default, Internet Parental Control subscribers will enjoy ‘LITE’ level filtering which filters Sexually Explicit Material, Violence and Gore.

  4. How does M1 decide on what websites should be filtered with Internet Parental Control?

    The database and categorization of websites are carefully maintained and updated regularly by a professional company.

  5. I have Internet Parental Control. Am I able to change the setting of my categories? (E.g Lite to Teens)

    Yes, you are able to change the settings by calling our Customer Service Hotline at 1627.

  6. Am I able to temporarily disable my Internet Parental Control?

    No, subscribers will not be able to temporarily disable Internet Parental Control. To disable it, subscribers will have to terminate the service.

  7. I have Internet Parental Control. Will the filtering service still work if I insert my SIM card into another supported device?

    Yes. You can still enjoy the filtering service with the same SIM card. The Internet Parental Control service is tied to your mobile line.

  8. I have Internet Parental Control. Will the service still work if I am connected to public WiFi?

    No. Internet Parental Control only filters inappropriate content if you are connected to M1’s network.

  9. I have Internet Parental Control. Will my SurfShare line experience Internet filtering too?

    One Internet Parental Control subscription is only applicable per one mobile line, including Surfshare supplementary lines. Therefore, the Surfshare line must subscribe separately for Internet Parental Control.

  10. I have Internet Parental Control and I used my mobile device to tether, will the other connected devices experience the filtering service?

    Yes, the other devices will experience the filtering service.

  11. Is Internet Parental Control applicable for multi-SIM customer?

    Yes, it is applicable to multi-SIM customers.

  12. I have Internet Parental Control and will be roaming overseas, will the service still work?

    Yes, it would apply if you are connected to our M1 network. Please note that current data roaming charges apply.