You can now stay connected even while you’re out at sea, be it for work or leisure. Call, SMS or surf at these exclusive Cruise On-Waves roaming rates that start from:

  • $1 per min for voice calls
  • $0.50 per SMS
  • $1.03 per MB for data

Find out more about our postpaid and prepaid roaming rates by searching for Cruise On-Waves in the list.

How to use?

Simply log on to On-Waves network to enjoy our attractive rates

  • Step 1: Activate Data Roaming
    • SMS Data to 5555 and Confirmation reply Data <Date of Birth DDMMYYYY> to 5555
    • Activate via Manage My Account or My M1 App
    • Call ✲123#
  • Step 2: Manually select On-Waves network in the network selection list. Once On-Waves network is connected, you can now roam on our attractive rates.
  • Operator Handset Display
    On-Waves (Siminn)
    Maritime GSM services

Where can it be used?

You can enjoy attractive roaming rates on major vessels and maritime services such as cruises, ferries, transportation tankers, container ships and mega yachts.

  • Coverage where roaming service is available on Blue Star Ferries, Brittany Ferries, Caspi Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Celtic Link Ferries, C.I.P., Discovery Cruises, Easy Cruise, European Sealines, Finnlines, First Cruise One, Genavir (Ifremer), Grimaldi Lines, LDA Lines, Louis Cruises Lines, Majestic Cruises, Minoan Lines, NGSCO, MSC, Narwhal Maritime, Naviera Armas, P&O Ferries (Pride of York), Pullmantur-RCI, Quail Cruises, Scandlines, Seatrucks Group, SNCM, Superfast Ferries, Tui Cruises, Windstar Cruises.

Whether you are travelling by sea or air, we have different roaming services that can meet your needs. Stay connected while in-flight by enjoying our $25 Unlimited In-flight Data Roaming with OnAir network on 18 airlines. Find out more.