Voice Over WiFi
Small Cells
  • Introduction

    M1 Limited, Singapore’s most vibrant and dynamic communications company, is working with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) to trial innovative technologies and help realise Singapore’s vision of becoming a Smart Nation.

    These new technologies on trial, including Singapore’s first native Voice Over WiFi (VoWiFi) and WiFi-On-The-Go services, will enable us to deliver a better experience to our customers, and lay the groundwork for future new products and applications that will bring about even greater benefits to our society.

    For more information on Singapore’s HetNet initiative, click here

    Experience HetNet with M1

    M1 has deployed innovative new technologies at various locations within the Jurong Lake District Smart Nation.

  • Seamless High Definition Digital Voice Calls

    M1’s Voice Over WiFi (VoWiFi) service allows you to make uninterrupted native data voice calls across both cellular and WiFi networks.

    VoWiFi enables voice calls using the handset’s native dialler and offers convenient direct access the device’s contacts list, without the user having to install or use a separate calling app. In addition, M1’s service will allow calls to and from fixed numbers, unlike OTT (over-the-top) calling apps which only allow calls between handsets with the same calling software.

    OTT VoIP services also do not support two-way mobility between WiFi and mobile networks. This means that a voice call initiated on a WiFi network will disconnect when the user moves to cellular network, and vice versa.

    Unlike OTT VoIP services, M1’s VoWiFi offers full two-way seamless mobility between VoWiFi and 4G Voice, so customers can enjoy uninterrupted two-direction, high-definition voice calls across M1’s cellular mobile data and Carrier WiFi networks. Through M1’s smart network priortisation capabilities, VoWiFi customers will enjoy quality voice call even during periods of heavy WiFi network usage.

    In contrast, OTT (Over-The-Top) voice calls must be made and received on the OTT app, and cannot call fixed numbers.

    How to experience VoWiFi

    M1’s VoWiFi service is currently available to IDA HetNet trial users at M1’s Carrier WiFi Experience Zones in the Jurong Lake District.

  • Take a ride on the WiFi side

    Enjoy free WiFi on selected SMRT service 176 buses with Singapore’s first WiFi-On-The-Go service.

    Each of the connected buses is linked to M1’s 4G network through an in-vehicle WiFi system. This system in turn sets up a “Wireless@SG” access point inside the bus, which commuters can access on their smart devices. Commuters will be able to identify the two WiFi-enabled service 176 buses, a trunk route service linking Bukit Merah Interchange and Bukit Panjang Temporary Bus Park, through on-board signages highlighting the service.

    In addition, the same M1’s WiFi-On-The-Go technology will enable business to offer innovative new services. For instance, inbound tour operators can now provide tourists with WiFi services on board their tour buses. Vehicle fleet operators can also use the enhanced connectivity to stream live video and collect other relevant information from the vehicle, as well as provide transactional services.

    How to experience WiFi-On-The-Go

    Commuters will be able to experience Singapore’s first WiFi-On-The-Go service by turning on their wireless function on their smart device and selecting the Wireless@SG or Wireless@SGx networks. For more information on accessing Wireless@SG, please visit www.ida.gov.sg/Learning/Technology-You/Wireless-SG

  • Seamless mobile coverage plus better mobile data experience

    Enjoy an even better mobile data experience at the various HetNet hotspots with M1’s small cell deployment. The small cell enables M1 to enhance the data bandwidth at high traffic spots, remove network congestion and continue to deliver decent data speed to our users at crowded places. At the same time users are ensured a seamless coverage and uninterrupted mobile services across M1’s cellular and WiFi network.

    Check out these HetNet hotspots at Jurong Lake District:

    • Jurong Regional Library main lobby areas and Galileo café located at Level 1
    • Train Platforms at Jurong East MRT station
    • J-Walk: Jurong East MRT station linkways to Westgate & JEM
    • Kopitiam located at Level 1 of Jurong East MRT Station
    • Jurong East Bus Interchange
    • HDB Block 104 at Jurong East Street 13

    How to experience small cells

    You don’t need to do anything to enjoy the higher speeds! M1’s intelligent core network will automatically connect you to our small cell when you are in range, allowing you to enjoy speedier web surfing, lag-free gaming and faster downloads.

  • Click here for information on the HetNet Programme.