Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+, the world’s first Edge Screen. It reinvents the way you use a smartphone. The additional panel houses media control and notifications so now you can enjoy your favourite drama on the entire main display, leaving you with an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Other Key Features

  • 5.6” Quad HD+ SUPER AMOLED Display • Smart OIS • Wide Selfie • Photo Note

From 22 November 2014, you can purchase Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+ online or at any M1 shop and Exclusive Distributors.

Price Plan

Lite Lite+ Reg Reg+ Max Max+
Monthly Subscription $28 $41 $61 $81 $101 $208

Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+

$878 $778 $548 $308 $208 $98

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