We are pleased to introduce M1 Cyber Guardian, our new and improved service previously known as Internet Parental Control. With upgraded features, Cyber Guardian better caters to your needs to keep your children protected online.

Whilst your monthly subscription fee stays the same at $2.70/mth, you are now able to do so much more to help develop a healthy Internet lifestyle and keep them safe.

  • Customise what they see
    Block undesirable content with conveniently preset filters or customize them.

  • Limit their screen time
    Decide when and how long they can be online.

  • Schedule their homework time
    Restrict additional sites during homework time

  • Be in control whenever, wherever
    Remotely manage and access reports on their online activities with the self-help portal.

  • Safeguard them 24/7
    Real-time, up-to-date protection

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