Closure of 2G mobile network
Am I Affected?
  • The 2G mobile networks in Singapore have closed on 1 April 2017. Mobile services such as voice, messaging and data services will not be supported on 2G handsets. Upgrade your 2G handset today on M1’s 4G network!

    Here’s how 2G handset users will be affected:

    Can I receive? Using a 2G Handset Using a 3G/4G Handset
    Voice/Video Call (Incoming/Outgoing) X
    Data X
  • How do you know if you have a 2G phone?

    If you answered “NO” to more than 3 questions, you are probably holding a 2G phone.

    Does your phone have any touch screen capabilities?

    Is your phone display screen in colour?

    Are you able to send or receive pictures in your SMS?

    Do you notice any 3G/4G/LTE symbols on your screen?

    Are you able to surf the internet on your phone?

    If you are a 2G Handset user, here’s what you need to do: