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Types of Malware
How It Works
  • It’s not just our devices, digital threats have gotten smarter too. Whenever you go online, your personal information and precious data is vulnerable to malware, viruses and other online threats.

    Get alerts, active scanning and smarter protection with M1 Mobile Guard, Asia’s first network based virus alert system. With Trend Micro Antivirus software, M1 Mobile Guard also provides a solution to remove malware and viruses from your smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

    M1 Mobile Guard offers the following advantages:

    • Provides peace of mind by protecting all mobile devices from malware and viruses
    • Always-on, always-up-to-date protection
    • Receive SMS or email alerts when device is compromised
    • Self-help portal for personalization and tracking of alerts and attacks

    For existing Mobile Guard customers, click here to personalise and track your alerts and attacks.


    $2 / month
    Applicable to M1 Postpaid Mobile and Mobile Broadband customers.

    How to subscribe

    Click here to sign up or activate via My M1 App or visit your nearest M1 Shop or M1 Exclusive Distributor.


    Enjoy 12 months’ free subscription for Mobile Guard when you sign up or re-contract with selected handsets! Click here to check out the handsets on promotion.

    FAQ | Terms & Conditions

  • M1 Mobile Guard analyses your Internet Traffic for threats that lead to identity theft and other attacks. The service can detect thousands of threats such as identity theft, cybercrime, computer viruses, spyware, phishing and poisonous site threats.

    Malware Type Risks Examples
    High-Risk Malware
    • Financial loss
    • Theft of personal information
    • Loss of data
    • Damage to the device
    • Banking Trojans
    • Keyloggers
    • Ransomware
    • Remote access backdoors
    • SMS Trojans
    • Spam bots, DDOS bots
    • Network worms
    • Computer viruses
    • Password stealers
    Moderate-Risk Malware
    • Exhibits annoying behaviour
    • Collects personal information for tracking purpose
    • Adware
    • Browser hijackers
    • Spyware that tracks browsing and network usage
  • When malware is detected on your device:

    Step 1: When M1 Mobile Guard detects a malware, an SMS/Email alert is sent.

    Step 2: Click on the link in the SMS to go to the remediation advisory webpage. Select the appropriate advisory for your device.

    Step 3: Follow the appropriate advisory from the webpage to either factory reset your device or run the recommended antivirus solution.

    How do I track my alerts?

    Please visit mobileguard.m1.com.sg to personalize your service and to track your alerts.

    Mouse over to learn how to use the portal.

    Mobile / Mobile Broadband No.
    Current security status of your device
    Number of malware present on mobile device
    Device Name/Serial number of your SIM
    List of all blocked alerts
    View all your alert notifications related to this device
    Malware risk level
    Malware name and type
    What you can do to remove this malware
    You will not receive alerts if this malware attacks again
    Dismiss this alert; you will be alerted if this malware attacks again

    How do I change my settings?

    1. Click Mobile/Mobile Broadband Number and select your settings.
    2. Set your ‘Device Name’ to identify the device. Default ‘Device Name’ is the serial number of your SIM card.
    3. Change the ‘SMS notification’ number if you wish to receive the SMS alert on another M1 Mobile number. Please note that you will not receive alerts if a non-M1 Mobile number is being set.
    4. Enter an email in the ‘Email Notification’ field if you would like to receive the malware alerts via email, in addition to receiving the same alert over SMS.
    5. Choose what type of alerts you wish to receive via SMS and/or Email. You can set them to either:
      • High & Moderate Risk Alerts - To receive all possible alerts;
      • High Risk Alerts Only - To receive only the High-Risk malware alerts; or
      • No Alerts - if you do not wish to receive any

    Please note that these alert notification settings only apply to the SMS and Email alerts. You can still view all the malware alerts for your device in the Portal.

    Mouse over to learn how to use the portal.

    Click here to change your settings
    Set to a friendly name
    Email ID to receive alerts (optional)
    Select the type of alerts you want to receive
    Mobile number to receive alerts
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