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M1 Bespoke SIM-only – Made-to-Measure Plan with No Contract

Searching for one of the best SIM-only plans in Singapore to go with your current phone or looking to re-contract your mobile phone plan and not be tied down to a two-year commitment? You’ve come to the right place!

With M1’s made-to-measure Bespoke SIM-only Plan, customers can now enjoy the flexibility of changing and even cancelling their plans with no admin fees or termination costs. Revolutionising Singapore’s telecommunications industry, this SIM-only plan takes traditional contract plans and flips them around. Addressing the need for personalisation and abundant mobile data, this postpaid plan is 1 of 3 bespoke plans that delivers its promise of being one of the cheapest SIM-only mobile plans in Singapore. With an entire slew of freebies and deals to be enjoyed, it’s never too good to be true with M1.