Xiaomi Mi 11

Say Hello to the Xiaomi Mi 11

The new Xiaomi Mi 11 is truly a sight to behold. Beyond its aesthetically pleasing visuals, this mobile phone has much more to offer. Released recently, the Xiaomi Mi 11 is a 5G-enabled phone that was stated to be made for movie lovers. With its near-perfect screen that received an A+ rating from DisplayMate, you can watch your favourite clips - old and new - with newfound clarity.

Launched with the tagline ‘Movie Magic’, the handset also features studio-level cameras and cinematic video filters that allow you to edit like a pro. One of the top-ranking mobile phones in Singapore, the sleek minimalistic design of the Xiaomi Mi 11 checks all the boxes of both hardware and software. From its top-notch battery and camera specs to its affordable price tag, this is a mobile phone worthy of being added to your wishlist.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Specs & Features

Film like a director

Leveraging cutting-edge cinematic software and combining it with an exceptional camera setup that comprises a 108MP Wide-Angle, 13MP Ultra-Wide, and 5MP Telemacro, users can develop their own video masterpieces without the need for any ultra-expensive camera equipment. In-built movie effects such as Freeze Time, Parallel World, Magic Zoom, and more allow one’s creativity to run wild.

Accurate depiction of the world

Sure, visuals play an important role in capturing the essence of a scene but so does audio. Audiophiles can revel in the fact that Xiaomi has collaborated with experts to enhance the acoustics produced by the Mi 11. Enabling a fully immersive experience with its spectacular audio, you’re sure to lose yourself to your favourite playlist every time you plug in. Add to that its WQHD+ ultra-high resolution screen display and movie binge sessions will never end.

Beautiful and tough

In addition to the top-tier filming specs, the Quad-curved display design of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is available in 2 colours on M1 - Midnight Gray and Horizon Blue. More durable and robust than ever, the Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ offers 150% more drop performance and a 200% increase in scratch-resistance. But guess what? its toughness is not only external but internal too! The long battery life of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is no laughing matter. Its powerful battery is always ready to go, promising all-day longevity. Out of juice? Turbo charge your device for 45 minutes and the battery will reach full capacity!

Personalise Your Plan with M1

From utilising one of the strongest processors in the 5G era to long battery life, the Xiaomi Mi 11 can be yours at affordable prices when you shop at M1. Simply join the M1 community and enjoy premium deals when you sign up for any of our bespoke plans. If you’re all for ultimate flexibility, the Bespoke Flexi is the plan for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About M1 Mobile Plans

How to choose a mobile phone plan?

If you’re wondering which plan to pair with your Xiaomi Mi 11, you’ll be glad to know that it’s available with both the Bespoke Flexi Plan and Bespoke Contract Plan. If you decide on the Bespoke Flexi Plan, you can even get the fantastic Xiaomi Mi 11 mobile phone priced from just $0 upfront!

How do mobile phone plans work?

If you need a new phone like the Xiaomi Mi 11, you can opt to cover the outstanding balance of your mobile device in instalments! Choose how much you’d like to pay on your day of purchase and cover the rest over 12 to 36 months with the Bespoke Flexi Plan. And because M1 delivers the best prices in Singapore, you’ll be surprised by how low your monthly repayments look!

How do I sign up for a mobile phone plan with M1?

Signing up with M1 is easy — create an account with M1, select the Xiaomi Mi 11 that allows you to tap onto the speedy 5G network in SG, and choose which bespoke plan you’d prefer to go with. It’s as simple as that!