What does True 5G offer?


True 5G is an enhancement to M1's network, built on 5G standalone hardware.
With our True 5G Network, you get:

Faster speeds than 5G Non-standalone Networks

Faster speeds than existing 4G Networks

Better network response, with increased reliability




Why True 5G matters to you


Work Smarter

From instantaneous downloads to lag-free HD video calls with your entire remote working team, True 5G brings the office to you, not the other way round.


Play Freely

True 5G gives new meaning to truly lag-free gaming with our ultra-low latency network and increased bandwidth for more devices without network slowdowns.


Live Better

Experience how True 5G will augment your world by interconnecting devices from automobiles to robotics, augmented and virtual realities and much more.


How to connect to True 5G?


Activate True 5G on your plan through My M1+ App

Ensure that you have a 5G standalone (SA) device. Check here

Fitted with a 5G SIM card. Check here


Select 5G settings on your phone. Learn how

Be within M1's 5G network coverage


Where does True 5G reach?


At M1, we're always one step ahead. Our True 5G Network today encompasses 75% of Singapore. This far exceeds IMDA's 50% target date of December 2022. Check out our timeline to see how we'll reach 99% coverage in 2022.*

Ready to go True 5G?


Add our 5Go Access to your plan today and lead your digital life at True 5G speeds today!

As at 1st April 2022, M1 has ceased our offerings on non-standalone (NSA) 5G