Gain access to the latest entertainment and peace-of-mind by perfecting and optimising your Home Broadband surfing experience with our range of add-ons.



Movies, TV shows, horror or action? Why choose? Watch them all on your personal devices or stream them online!

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Love music? Perfect! There’s over 53 million tracks available on Deezer Premium+ just for you.

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No more rushing home to catch your favourite shows. You can do so on the go.

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Your loved ones are important. We know. Feel assured knowing Smart Activity Monitoring Service (SAMS) will notify you of any anomaly even if no one is at home.

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Get more by remaining static. Yes, using our Static IP service, you can now maximise your Fibre Broadband experience with a fixed public IPv4 address.

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Take no chances. Protect your kids the smart way and block harmful content from them.

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Need your phone, computer and smart devices protected from the dangers that are lurking online? Well, we got you covered!

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A smarter way to manage what your kids watch online

M1 Cyber Guardian keeps them safe in their cyberspace, at home and on-the-go.


Watch your favourite dramas and films anywhere, anytime


Sing it, rock it, or dance to it