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Citibank M1 Visa Card IT Show 2017 Promotion:

1. Definitions:

a. “Citibank” means Citibank Singapore Limited

b. “Citi Rebate” means the cash rebate(s) that the cardmember is entitled to receive at the participating Citi Rebate merchants and may extend to any card transaction as determined by the bank.

c. “Promotion” refers to the Citibank M1 Visa Card IT Show 2017 Promotion.

d. “Promotion Period” refers to the period from 16 March 2017 to 15 April 2017, both days inclusive.

e. “Eligible Card” refers to a Citibank M1 Visa Card or Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card.

f. “Eligible Customer” refer to an individual who is:

i. an existing main Citibank M1 Visa Cardmember; OR

ii. a M1 customer whose new application# for a Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card as the main cardholders is approved within the Promotion Period;

  An Eligible Customer (A) must not have closed/terminated any of his/her Citibank M1 Visa Card or Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card as the   case may be, within six (6) months prior to the Promotion Period; and (B) must not be a United States (“U.S.”) Citizen, U.S. Resident, or   U.S. Green Card holder. A person is a “U.S. Resident” if he is present in the U.S. for more than 31 days in the current calendar year, and for   an average of at least 183 days over the current calendar year and the preceding calendar years.

g. “Eligible Plans” refers to any one of the following plans:

i. 2-year Mobile plans with its corresponding Handset Contracts are: Lite, Lite+, Reg, Reg+, Max, Max+, i-Lite, i-Lite+, i-Reg, i-Reg+, i-Max, and i-Max+; and

ii. 2-year Broadband plans; and

iii. 1-year Mobile plans are: mySIM+ 15, mySIM+ 20, mySIM+ 30, mySIM+ 45, mySIM+ 75 and mySIM+ 125.


2. Eligible Customers who from 16 March 2017 to 15 April 2017, purchase Eligible Plans using an Eligible Card (where applicable) is entitled to receive S$50 Citi Rebate.


3. Notwithstanding paragraph 2, only the first 1000 existing Citibank M1 Visa Cardmembers who register at www.m1.com.sg/getrebate by 15 April 2017 can qualify to receive the Citi Rebate as set out in paragraph 2. Eligible Customer must be on monthly GIRO payment through Citibank M1 Visa Card and sign up for an Eligible Plans from 16 March 2017 to 15 April 2017 to be entitled to receive the Citi Rebate.


4. Regardless of the number of Eligible Cards and Eligible Plans an Eligible Customer has or applies for, an Eligible Customer is entitled to only receive one Citi Rebate credit under this Promotion.

5. This Promotion is not valid with other Citibank or M1 offers, promotions or discounts.


6. For avoidance of doubt, customers who have already been credited any Citi Rebate as part of his/her welcome gift when signing up for the Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card will not be eligible to participate in this Promotion and will not be entitled to receive any Citi Rebate pursuant to this Promotion.


7. M1 Corporate customers who are on corporate accounts are not eligible to participate in this Promotion.


8. The Citi Rebate is conditional upon the customer's continued use of the Citibank M1 Visa Card to pay for all their M1 Mobile and/or broadband subscriptions for the next 8 consecutive months via monthly GIRO payment upon the issuance of Citi Rebate. Citibank reserves the right to perform a reversal of the Citi Rebate in the event this condition is not met.


9. The Citi Rebate shall only be issued to the main Citibank M1 Visa Cardmember whose name and NRIC matches the main subscriber’s name in M1’s records.


10. The Citi Rebate will be credited to the Citibank M1 Visa Card account within 4 months from the date the Promotion Period ends.


11. The eligible M1 contract sign-up may be done at any M1 Shop, M1's authorized distributor or the M1 IT Show 2017 booth.


12. M1's prevailing handset and broadband contract terms and conditions apply.


13. Citibank is not the supplier of the products and shall not be responsible for the quality, merchantability or the fitness for any purpose or any other aspect of the products.


14. Citibank and M1 Limited reserve the right to terminate the Promotion, or vary, delete or add any of these terms and conditions from time to time without notice.


15. Citibank’s and M1 Limited’s decision on all matters relating to the Promotion will be at its discretion and will be final and binding.

 # For clarity, an application for a new Approved Card does not include an application to upgrade an existing Citibank Credit Card and does not include an application for a Citibank Credit Card that has been approved by Citibank prior to the Promotion Period even if the physical Citibank Credit Card has not been received by the cardmember and/or has not been activated or utilized by the cardmember.

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