1. What affects download speeds of the cable modem?

    The actual data transfer speed when using the modem will vary due to many external factors which are independent of the modem. These include:

    • The web server speed. ie. how fast we can receive data depends on how fast the web server can send them out
    • The speed of the link connecting the web server to the Internet
    • Uncertain Internet traffic all over the world
    • Congestion on Singapore’s link to the Internet

  2. Since the cable modem runs on shared bandwidth, does it mean that the speed will slow down when more people log on during peak hours?

    The cable modem does run on shared bandwidth. However, bandwidth is always shared at some point. For cable modem, the sharing happens closer to home, but because the overall speed is so much greater, there should generally not be a problem with speed.

  3. Would I be able to use my own cable modem to enjoy M1 Cable Broadband?

    All cable modems to be used on M1 network must be type-approved by IDA and supported by M1. When a cable modem is approved, there will be a sticker on the modem with a unique HFC Mac ID address. If you have a type-approved cable modem, please bring down your modem to any M1 Shop to activate your M1 Cable Broadband service.

  4. Can I get the maximum download speed ALL the time with M1 Home Broadband Plans?

    The maximum download speed may vary based on various factors:

    • the compatibility of your modems, wireless router and Network Interface Cards to fully utilise the allocated bandwidth
    • the number of computers connected to your modem and broadband router
    • the number of users connected in the household accessing the Internet at the same time
    • the web sites you are accessing
    • the type of applications that are being used
    • the performance of your computers

  5. Can I bring a cable modem from overseas and connect it to my computer and cable point at home and start surfing the Internet?

    No. This is because all modems must be type-approved by IDA and M1 even though they are of the same model.

  6. Would I be able to change my UserID?

    No. You are unable to do so.

  7. What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

    Please call our customer service hotline at 1627 to reset your password.

  8. What is a HFC Mac ID?

    Mac ID is a serial number identification on a cable modem that uniquely identifies your cable modem. This information is required for M1 to activate the service successfully.

  9. Do I have a dynamic or static IP address?

    We assign dynamic IP addresses because that has a limited life span. After this time, your IP address will automatically be renewed.

  10. Will I earn SunPerks points for my M1 Home Broadband?

    Yes. You will be issued with our SunPerks points for your monthly payment which can be used for redemption of M1 rewards.