1. These Terms and Conditions are in respect of M1 Limited's ("M1's") Enterprise Roam Manager Service ("Service").

  2. The Service will be available to selected M1 Corporate Customers (“Customer”) only.

  3. For Customers who are using Multi-SIMs, the Service's SMS Alerts will only be sent to the Customer's Primary SIM.

  4. The Service is only available on overseas networks that support USSD.

  5. Subject to Clause 6 hereinbelow, the Service will be provided free of charge, and is based on each Customer's billing cycle.

  6. Any access or use of the Service via Enterprise Roam Manager mobile application for iPhone and Android by the Customer while roaming overseas may incur data charges which will be chargeable at prevailing rates.

  7. Customers shall sign up for the Service via their Account Managers.

  8. The Service's SMS usage alert tiers are preset by each Company’s Corporate AO and reflect an estimate of the Customer's actual data roaming charges. The SMS usage alerts may be delayed for various reasons and actual usage may be higher than at the point of Customer's receipt of the SMS usage alerts. All data usage and charges indicated by the Service are estimates for Customer’s reference only, which may deviate from the actual bill. In the event of any discrepancies, the actual bill shall have precedence over the Service indicators.

  9. For the avoidance of doubt:
    (a)Customer shall be responsible for any data usage incurred
      (i) before and/or after the SMS alert; or

      (ii) is not captured by the SMS alert; and

    (b)Customer shall refer to and use the actual bill for all bill payments;

    (c)M1 shall not be liable if, for any reason whatsoever and howsoever arising, the Service is delayed and/or the    customer fails to receive the Service or the SMS alerts at any time;

    (d)Provisioning of the Service shall remain at M1’s sole discretion;

  10. The Service is provided by M1 independent of all other M1 data roaming-related services. Should the customer wish to terminate the Service, the customer must explicitly request to opt out of the Service, failing which the Service will continue to remain active in the customer's account.

  11. M1 reserves the right to terminate the Service with or without notice to any customer at any time at its sole discretion without assigning any reasons and without liability to the customer.

  12. M1 reserves the right to amend or vary the Terms and Conditions of the Service with or without prior notice to you.

  13. M1's General Terms and Conditions, and any applicable terms for the provision of data roaming services published at www.m1.com.sg are deemed incorporated herein and shall apply. Any conflict or inconsistencies shall be resolved in a manner most favorable to M1 as determined by M1 at its sole discretion.