Mobile Plans
Free bundled talktime and SMS/MMS extends to local usage unless otherwise stated. Excess local voice and video call usage is charged at 16.05 cents per minute, based on per second billing. Airtime charges apply for mobile calls made to "1800" local toll free service numbers. Excess SMS is charged at 5.35 cents each and excess MMS is charged at 32.1 cents (30kb and below)/ 85.6 cents (above 30kb) each.

Local Mobile Data Service
Excess usage above the Free Local Data Bundle is charged at $1.07 per MB, up to $5.35 per GB and capped at $94.16 per month. Free additional 1GB data is applicable for customers who have completed at least 11 months of their current contract and are re-contracting on iPhone plans. The 1GB data will be applied as a $5.35 discount on excess data usage charges, with a data bill cap of $88.81. This benefit is valid for 24 months from the date of re-contract. While roaming overseas, prevailing data roaming charges will apply. Local mobile data services on iPhone plans are available with theoretical download speed of 14.4Mbps and typical download speed range of 2.2 — 8.5Mbps (at fixed locations).

Free 4G VAS
Free 4G VAS is applicable on iPhone plans which are available from 21 September 2012 onwards. 4G VAS is free with any iPhone plans. Theoretical download speed of 75Mbps and typical download speed range of 11.7 — 55.3Mbps (at fixed locations) is only available with 4G service on compatible 4G smartphones.

Free Value-added Services
Airtime charges apply for incoming calls to Voicemail and retrieval of Voicemail messages. Prevailing roaming usage charges apply when Voicemail service is used overseas. Free 6-month Caller Number Display / 3-month Roaming Subscription is valid with free registration and subscription for new line sign-ups on iPhone plans.

Unlimited Usage
"Unlimited" Calls, Messaging and Data usage are restricted to personal use and non-commercial purposes only. Any abuse, such as, but not limited to, SMS/MMS broadcasts or sending unsolicited material (Spam), will entitle M1 to revoke the customer's benefits, in M1's sole discretion. The Unlimited SMS/MMS is only valid for SMS/MMS sent to any local mobile numbers. Free Incoming Calls is valid till 31 December 2015.

Unlimited Free Calls to 3 M1 Numbers
"Unlimited Free Calls to 3 M1 Numbers" (the "Service") is valid till 31 December 2015, and applies to local voice calls only. The Service is not available to M1 customers on iPhone Max+ plan. Subscribers may nominate up to 3 M1 Numbers under this Service. Subscribers may not nominate their own M1 number for the Service. A $10.70 administrative charge applies for any change of the nominated M1 numbers.

Sunriser Handset Re-contract Discount
For new lines on iPhone Max+ Plan, Handset Re-contract Discount will only apply at the completion of 12 months Sunriser membership. Other Sunrisers terms and conditions apply.

Multi-Service Saver (MSS)
MSS is applicable with subscription to at least one activated M1 Fibre broadband service and two M1 postpaid Mobile lines (on eligible mobile plans) under the same NRIC / FIN number. The subscribed Fibre broadband service and postpaid mobile lines must be active at all times and are not suspended or terminated. Customer must not be on the M1 Multi-Line Saver. MSS Discount is not applicable on any M1 Supplementary Plans including SunShare Plan. Waiver of $250 early re-contract fee is only applicable to one Mobile line registered under the MSS member's NRIC/FIN once every 12 months. The customer’s first use of the $250 Early Re-contract Fee Waiver may only take place 11 months after customer’s MSS Entry Date. The MSS Entry Date refers to the next bill date on which the MSS Discount first applies, upon customer’s successful entry to the MSS. Any suspension or termination of lines causing the customer to not meet the MSS membership will reset the customer’s MSS entry date. MSS is not applicable to M1 Enterprise customers, customers on any corporate or special bulk schemes, customers registered under government groups and customers on discounted Mobile plans.

Tariff Rebate Promotion
Tariff Rebate Promotion is only valid with an iPhone purchased from other Authorised Apple Resellers. Customers must bring along their iPhone with proof of purchase within one month from the date of purchase to sign up / re-contract on the selected plans under a 24-month iPhone Service Commitment Contract . Existing customers with no contract are eligible for this promotion. Each iPhone is entitled to only one tariff rebate. The tariff rebate will be credited against the monthly subscription of the selected plan, spread over a period of 24 months.

iPhone pricings are only applicable with a corresponding 24-month iPhone contract. iPhone plans are not valid for supplementary plans. All sign-ups or re-contracts on iPhone plans must be accompanied with purchase of an iPhone.

A MicroSIM card and NanoSIM card are required for use on iPhone 4/iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 respectively. Separate $37.45 SIM card and $10.70 registration charges apply for new line connection. $37.45 SIM card charge is also applicable for SIM exchange. Customer should transfer/ back up SIM data before proceeding with a SIM exchange. The prices stated are inclusive of 7% GST and based on monthly recurring service unless otherwise stated. M1 registration guidelines and General Terms and Conditions apply. M1 reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. For the latest information or full mobile service plan terms and conditions, please log on to or call 1627.

Use of the iPhone constitutes acceptance of the iPhone terms and conditions and other third party terms and conditions found in the iPhone box, or at Some features, applications and services are not available in all areas. Application availability and pricing are subject to change. Standard data rates apply for the use of some applications.