A B2B spend management platform with physical and virtual card offerings.


Designed and aims to help businesses digitise expense processes, gain control and visibility over spending.


  • Set spending policies according to different positions and teams
  • Allocate funds according to spending policies to ensure full compliance of rules
  • Real-time tracking of employee’s spend to deter fraudulent expenditure
  • Deny or approve top-up requests from employees
  • Set transaction limits to control spending of specific employee or specific expense category
  • Categorize expenses
  • Hassle free receipt system that only requires employees to snap a photo of their receipt
  • Expense flows through an integrated accounting system, no more admin work!


Be in Control. Set rules and budget for spending at your company, team and employee.

Visibility with real-time analytics of company’s spending.

Hassle-free. No more reimbursements, paper receipts and manual reconciliations.



S$5.35 per month

  • 10 physical cards and additional cards at $1.07 each (Up to max 30)
  • Unlimited virtual cards
  • 30 free local and overseas invoice payment

18 month contract with the first 6 months free.
Cancellation before the end of the contractual term incurs a 50% penalty.

  1. Who can use Spenmo?
    Anyone! Especially Start-ups and SMEs.

  2. Is this a credit card?
    For a start, your Spenmo cards will operate like a debit card - you transfer money that you plan to spend as a company and allocate it to your teams & employees. Spenmo will look into offering a possible line of credit after 3-6 months. If you prefer to have immediate credit without waiting for 3-6 months, Spenmo can offer up to 150K based on your credit scoring.

  3. Where can it be used?
    Spenmo cards can be used at millions of merchants across 210 countries where Mastercard is accepted.

  4. What are the foreign exchange fees payable?
    Flat 1.5%, we charge you at cost as charged to us by our network.

For more information, please visit https://www.spenmo.com/