An online booking and scheduling system with a “Call-Me-Back” feature – to be integrated to websites – catered especially for small businesses.


This is an online booking & scheduling system that allows the customer to book appointments with you based on real-time resource availability. It also has the Call Me Back feature where a visitor can request a call back based on specific slots that your company has set up to return calls. The solution is running on Microsoft Azure Cloud.


  • Built-in notification and reminder system for instant and timely communication.
  • Cross-platform touchpoints for online bookings.
  • The Call Me Back feature facilitates effective communication with customers by sending instant notifications for SME action to return the call at the customer’s preferred time.
  • The Call Me Back feature is integrated with the Contact Manager.


Fully automated workflow for appointment booking with timely reminders which reduces no shows effectively.

Real-time staff/resource availability which can be organised by Services for online booking.

Online booking implies that your business is able to take in bookings 24/7, at the time most convenient for your customers.

Turn every contact into actionable leads.

All bookings / Call Me Back requests can be tracked through the SME’s Dashboard.


  1. What do you mean by real-time staff/resource availability?
    With real-time staff/resource availability, the system will be able to provide up-to-date available timeslots for services/resources based on balance slots which have not been booked.

  2. What happens if I am not fully sure of the resource schedules for the next month?
    You may set up such that each online booking made will be sent to you for approval first before the appointment is confirmed with the customer. This way, you will be able to manage your customers’ expectations better and give yourself more flexibility when juggling with possible changes in the resource schedule.

  3. Is there any support provided if we face any issues after we sign up?
    Yes, email support is provided. You may email us for assistance regarding any query or issue encountered.

  4. Am I able to download my contacts?
    Yes, you are able to download your contacts.

  5. How do I terminate my contract?
    Simply inform us and we will follow up with you to do the needful. However, do note that should termination occur within the first 2 years, an early termination charge as follows will be charged.
    • $500 if terminated within the 1st to 12th month.
    • $250 if terminated within the 13th to 24th month.

  6. Other than desktop, does the system support other devices such as mobile and tablet?
    Yes, the solution provides a highly optimized user-experience for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

  7. Is my data safe?
    Yes, the solution is running on Microsoft Azure Cloud which is secured by Firewall which to the best of our efforts protects you from spamming and hacker attacks.