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Lark is the next-generation collaboration suite that enables teams to do their best work together. The suite primarily consists of Lark Mail, Lark Messenger, Lark Docs, Lark Calendar, Lark Video Conferencing, as well as Lark Workplace which integrates third-party applications. All functionalities are deeply integrated into a single app, which is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Serving clients from across the globe, Lark is headquartered in Singapore.

The exclusive SME license of Lark is tailored to suit the needs of Small Medium Enterprises in Singapore. For more information on the full list of features, please refer to this Introduction Doc



Features Lark (Exclusive SME License)
Chat groups Up to 5000 members
Searchable chat history Unlimited
Video Conferencing Up to 100 participants; unlimited minutes
Business Email
Email Storage Unlimited
Docs and Sheets Unlimited
Cloud Storage Unlimited
Apps Unlimited
AI Translation
Efficient meeting room system
Help Desk
Admin Log Export
Support (In App Helpdesk Support) Monday to Friday Business Hours Support (excluding Public Holidays)


Integrate your messaging, video conferencing, schedule management, collaborative documents, cloud storage, email, and workflow applications to provide a seamless collaboration experience on all your devices:

Messaging with greater focus and context
Lark Messenger is the hub for your team's communication, with multiple features to reduce distractions and an emphasis on giving full context to team members.

Create and collaborate with ease
Centralize your ideas and productivity with Lark's creation and cloud management capabilities. You can collaborate seamlessly with anyone in your organization to bring your ideas to life. Everything is automatically saved in the cloud, with unlimited free storage space.

Truly integrated video calls
The days of meeting invite links and switching between call windows are over. Lark video calls can be started from within a group chat or calendar event, and content in Docs can be edited by any meeting participant within the call window.

A calendar to keep everyone on the same page
Scheduling meetings has never been easier! Lark Calendar comes with features that can help you manage people and information before, during, and after your meetings.

Email connected with your most essential tools
Much has been made of the "death" of email, but it is still an integral part of business communication today. Lark Mail brings email into the future through integration with the rest of the Lark suite.



With Lark, you can:


  • Bring all your information together, stay focused, and provide full context for your team.

  • Empower global and remote teams to work better together with seamless integrated cross-platform AI-powered communication tool. Automatic and instant translation for over 100 languages into English, Chinese, Japanese, or Thai is available for free.

  • Create and organize dynamic content together with anyone, in real time or at everyone's own pace.

  • Manage your schedule effortlessly with shared team calendars and integrated room booking.

  • Immerse yourself in truly interactive video calls for more efficient collaboration.



(Exclusive SME License)

SGD5 per user per month

24-month contract with the first 6 months free



  1. Where can I download Lark?
    Download the Lark app for your desktop on this website, or get it on Google Play or App Store for your mobile phone.

  2. What system does Lark support? Why can't I install it?
    To use Lark, you need at least iOS 11, Android 5.1, Mac OS X 10.11, and Windows 7. Please update your system to the latest version to install Lark.

  3. How do I reset my password? Can't remember my password?
    If you can't remember your password, please click Forgot Password and verify your identification via email or text message.

  4. Why can't I install Lark on Mac?
    Please ensure that Lark is in your Applications folder.

  5. Why can't I get the verification code?
    For email registration, please check your Spam. We suggest that you add to your email allow list so that you'll never miss an email from Lark.

    For cell phone number registration, please ensure that your phone number is available for text messages and whether the message went into Spam.

  6. Why did SMS verification code login fail?
    Currently SMS verification code will expire in 3 minutes and can only verify 3 times in 1 hour. If SMS verification fails 3 times, please try again after 1 hour.

  7. Why did I fail to scan QR code?
    Please make sure you're using the Scan QR code function of Lark. Using other applications to scan the QR code will lead to login failure.

    Please try to adjust the screen brightness of your PC. The lack of brightness can affect scanning the QR code.


  1. How to open and close new message notifications?
    For desktop app, click your profile photo - Settings - Notifications.
    For mobile app, click your profile photo - Settings - Notifications.

  2. How to close mobile notifications while running Lark on desktop?
    While logging into Lark via scanning QR code, you can click Turn off mobile notifications on Windows and Mac login. You can also click profile photo - Settings - Device to mute notifications.


  1. How to change Lark's default language?
    For desktop app, click on your profile photo - Settings - Language and Time.
    For mobile app, click on your profile photo - Settings - General - Language.

  2. How to change my name shown in Lark?
    If you'd like to change your name, or the name that's shown in Lark isn't correct, please contact your admin to the corresponding changes.

  3. How do I control member security settings?
    You can control members' access to all contacts within the team. There are three main settings:
    • Members are accessible to all contacts (the default setting).
    • Members are accessible to contacts in their own department.
    • Members are unaccessible to all contacts.

    Note: You can also make exceptions for particular members or departments if needed.

  4. How do I manage admin roles?
    Only members that are Lark Admin have the access to Lark Admin Console. Lark enables different levels of admin roles.

    Note: The first one to create the team will automatically become Company Admin and can manage all data and grant privileges to other users. Click Settings - Permission Management - Create Admin Role to create other admin roles.

    Click Add Member to add users to each admin role you created. Users that become an Admin shall have access to Lark Admin Console and can only access what they're granted.

  5. How do I manage my Docs security settings?
    Admin Console - Security - Security Strategy - Docs Permissions to set the default Docs sharing and accessing settings for your team.

    Users can then change each Docs settings they created in Lark on their own.

  6. How do I review or export the Admin Log?
    Admins with the permission to access to Admin Log can review all changes that happened in Lark Admin Console in Settings - Admin Log.


For more guides on Getting Started on Lark, please check out our Help Centre!