Onesecure – Cutting Edge Cybersecurity endpoint protection for individual and network connected endpoints.


Onesecure’s Endpoint Service offers end to end cyber security endpoint protection for individual and network connected endpoints. Depending on the Onesecure packaged selected by the customer, endpoint device protection will include standard endpoint protection components with options for EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and fully Managed Services.


  • Risk Analytics
  • Local and Cloud Machine Learning
  • Cloud Threat Intelligence
  • Exploit Defense
  • Web Content Control
  • Network Attack Defense
  • Web Threat Protection
  • Firewall
  • Device Control
  • Process Inspector (Automatic Detection)


  • Risk management
    URL blacklist + scanning unknown pages, search advisor
  • Content and app control (blacklisting):
    Block/restrict access to potentially malicious websites/apps/categories
  • Network Attack Defense
    Block network attacks such as brute force attempts, password stealers, lateral movements before they execute
  • Local and Cloud Machine Learning
    Identify unknown threats based on learned patterns (10+ years ML experience, 7 patents)
  • Process Inspector
    0-trust continuous monitoring of all running processes, automated behavioral detection and settings rollback
  • Web Filtering
    URL blacklist + behavioral scanning of unknown pages (incl. https), Search Advisor
  • Device Control
    Control which external devices can be used (i.e. certain USBs)
  • Signature and Cloud look-up
    Identify threats based on signatures and heuristics
  • Exploit Defense
    Block unknown exploits based on common exploit techniques in memory


  1. What is endpoint security?
    Endpoint security is the practice of securing laptops, desktops, and mobile devices with software and / or hardware that will protect them from malicious cyber threats.

  2. Do I need endpoint security?
    Yes. If you are connected to the Internet or need to connect back to your corporate network, you will need protection in the form of endpoint security. It is critical to ensure no cyber threat actors with malicious intent will steal your valuable data or hold your computer data ransom by locking your computer resources until a sum is paid to release the unauthorized lock.

  3. Is there a limit to the number of endpoint licenses I can purchase in this promotion?
    No, you can purchase as many endpoint licenses as you need for your business.

  4. Based on my needs, can I mix and match your different packages?
    Yes, you can purchase any combination of Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans in any volume between the three. Please do remember that each plan comes with different features and capabilities so it will be important to keep track of your endpoints to ensure they have the right features for cyber protection. Our recommendation is to choose one plan to cover all of your business endpoints and to upgrade as needed as a whole if you would like to move up to a different plan.

  5. I have an existing plan but I would like to purchase another license for a new endpoint within the same plan. Do I get the promotional benefits?
    Yes, if you purchase another new license for a new endpoint, you will be offered the promotional benefit of 6 months free followed by with a 12 month fee-based subscription (18 months total subscription period).

  6. I have an existing plan and would like to renew this plan at the end of the 18 month period. Do I get another 18 month subscription period where I get 6 months free?
    If you are an existing user coming to the end of your subscription term, you have the option to renew for another 12 month period. The 6 month free offer are for new licenses only and is not applicable to renewals.

  7. Can I upgrade to a higher plan during the term of my subscription period?
    Yes, you can upgrade to a higher plan during the term of your subscription period. We will simply add the difference in subscription fees to the remainder of your subscription period and invoice you accordingly. The upgraded features will be activated upon successful upgrade.

  8. I would like to speak to someone regarding your plans. Who do I contact?
    Please complete the enquiry form and we would be happy to have our cybersecurity client managers contact you to discuss further.