Cloud-based IRAS-compliant accounting & inventory software for SMEs.


At Deskera, we believe accounting and inventory are two critical business functions that should not be separated. We design our cloud based integrated business management platform complemented with a new mobile application to enable SMEs to increase their operational efficiency, streamline business processes and gain valuable cross-functional insights affordably. With Deskera, SME owners will always be empowered with the information and capabilities they need at their fingertips.


Automated sales and purchase-tax tracking.

Compliant with Singapore and global regulatory standards.

360 understanding of accounting, inventory and sales functions, all from one window.

Insights into customer behaviour through data analytics.

Real-time data updates that are accessible on-the-go.

Clearly defined user roles with relevant and organized data.

Cost savings through reduced man-hours and elimination of human errors.

A subscription to Deskera entitles you access to accounting and inventory features.




SGD 13/per user/month


18-month contract with the first 6 months free.
Cancellation before the end of the contractual term incurs a 50% penalty.

  1. Which platforms can the Deskera system or application run on?
    It works on mobile, iPad, and PC.

  2. What is the adopted backup strategy for Deskera?
    System backups are done every day and retained for two weeks.

  3. What is required to run the Deskera application?
    As Deskera runs entirely on the cloud, an Internet connection is the only thing needed to access our platform.

For more information, please visit https://www.deskera.com/