• Provide businesses that own or manage vehicles with a range of smart fleet management service and taking advantage of the Internet of things (IoT) to deliver real-time information for vehicles monitoring, driver behaviors, as well as vehicle conditions and asset control.

    The devices are integrated with M2M SIMs to connect reliably to the M1 mobile networks.


    • Vehicles Tracking

      Either by distance, time or combination of both

    • Geo-fencing

      Define geographical zones and alerts for tracking the entry and exit of vehicle within a certain area

    • Engine Diagnostics

      Engine diagnostic codes will be sent through the devices. The codes will indicate the health of the engine

    • Driver Scoring

      The trackers have a built-in accelerometer to detecting harsh driving behaviour during speed-ups, braking and sharp turns; and compare against the set reference values to trigger a drive safety report or alert

    • Vehicle Immobilizer

      Immobilizer allows the fleet manager to remotely prevent a vehicle from starting in the event of theft or other situations

    • SOS Button

      A panic or emergency button for the driver to notify fleet manager of any emergency event

    • Driver Identification

      Provides driver identification and individual driver status reports
      Immobilization can be activated and release upon Driver authorization

    • Accident Notification

      Stores the accident information in the Electronic Data Recorder and push the collision data to the fleet management portal for reconstruction


    • Increase Productivity and Profitability

      Enable better resource allocation and utilization by providing overall visibility and control of fleet

    • Improve Operational Efficiency

      Enable efficient route and task management through real-time trip monitoring and anomaly detection

    • Improve Driver Safety

      Enable monitoring of driver’s driving behavior for evaluation and improvement
      Generate alerts when collision detected for more effective response

    • Driver Scoring

      Capture and stores collision data to establish cause & mitigate liability
      Provides security tools like driver identifier tag, immobilizers and fuel monitoring

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