• What is Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)?

    A cloud-based enterprise mobility management that enables businesses to easily manage the mobile devices in their businesses. Businesses are now able to empower their employees with access to information when and where they need it—without compromising their control over confidential business data.

    M1 EMM provides the proven security, cross-platform device support, flexibility and scalability without having to worry about server and infrastructure investments.

    Using EMM to mitigate security vulnerabilities

    The growing popularity of companies allowing their employees to access corporate email, applications and data from their personal mobile devices raises the concern of the associated security risks as employees are able to install personal applications and make software changes on their devices which may open up security vulnerabilities.

    M1 EMM is able to address today’s mobile landscape and offers businesses a flexible, secure and cloud-based EMM solution for multiple OS.

    (Limited Time Promotion Only)
    EMM Silver is available for all M1 Business Mobile Plans at no additional cost.
    For Upgrade to EMM Gold, please contact your Account Manager.


    Enterprise-Grade Management of Devices
    • Single web-based portal to manage users, features and functions
    • Optional integration with company directory
    • Remote wipe of data if device is lost or stolen
    App Level Management
    • Managing the apps on devices
    • Companies are able to push internal apps without submitting them to app stores
    Device Location Tracking
    • Track and view real-time location and history of the devices
    Multi-OS Support
    • Multiple OS support across iOS, Android, Windows® Phone, Samsung KNOX and BlackBerry®
    • Option to manage a single device into two separate space such as personal and business space
    Advanced Security
    • Encryption of corporate data and apps on devices
    • Connectivity to back-end systems without the need of a VPN connection


    • Simplified Management
      • Manages all functions through single web-based portal with no learning curve required.
    • Enhanced Security
      • Solution is delivered through Blackberry’s secure multi-tenant cloud.
      • Encrypts corporate data and applications and remote wipe on lost or stolen devices to prevent unauthorized access to corporate data.
    • Business Costs Savings
      • Remove the need to invest in infrastructure and maintenance.

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