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    With high mobile penetration, SMS becomes a direct and viable means for business to reach out to their customers. M1 EnterpriseText2500, EnterpriseText 5000 and EnterpriseText 10000 are 3 message centric plans that cater to the growing demand for instantaneous messaging of business users. By paying a fixed monthly subscription, you will get to enjoy high volume of SMS at a low cost. Businesses that regularly communicate with their clientele will find these plans useful and beneficial.

    Note: SMS blasts should only be permission-based. M1 does not encourage spamming.


    EnterpriseText 2500 EnterpriseText 5000* EnterpriseText 10000*
    FREE bundled SMS (local outgoing) 2,500 / month 5,000 / month 10,000 / month
    Monthly Subscription $66.24 / month $127.38 / month $267.50 / month

    Separate $37.45 SIM card and $10.70 registration charges apply for new line connection. $37.45 SIM card charge is also applicable for SIM exchange. When exceeding free SMS bundle, each local outgoing SMS will be charged at 5.35cents. Terms and Conditions apply.

    *Now you can top up to 10,000 extra SMS bundle at an additional charge of $267.50 monthly on top of EnterpriseText 5000 or EnterpriseText 10000 plan.


    Usage charges for talktime, MMS and 3G/GPRS data will be based on pay-per-use rates:

    1. Local talktime rate (charged at 1st min followed by 6 sec block):
      • 21.4¢ per min (peak)
      • 10.7¢ per min (super off-peak)
    2. Global outgoing SMS:
      • 15¢ per SMS
    3. Local outgoing MMS:
      • 32.1¢ per MMS (0-30kb)
      • 85.6¢ per MMS (>30kb)
    4. Global outgoing MMS:
      • 30¢ per MMS (0-30kb)
      • 80¢ per MMS (>30kb)
    5. 3G/GPRS data:
      • 10.7¢ per 10kb

    Peak hours: Mon - Sat, 9am - 9pm
    Super off-peak hours: Mon - Sat, 9pm - 9am; Sun & Public Holiday, whole day.


    Mobile Marketing gets smarter with BizText. Businesses can now send large number of messages to connect with its customers at a small fee. The easy to use, online messaging portal allows marketers to have an additional channel to engage and deliver a positive experience for customers.

    Features and benefits

    • Great Value at Affordable Cost

      Pay a monthly subscription fee for any of the five BizText plans or pay per use and top up anytime with BizText pre-paid.

    • Easy to use and Enhanced Messaging Security

      Simply use your User ID and password to access our online messaging portal to implement your mobile marketing campaign securely with ease

    • Engage your Customers via SMS

      Marketers can create interactive SMS campaigns where customers can respond directly

    • Enhance Brand Awareness

      Create enhanced brand awareness by using SMS number masking feature where the sender ID will be replaced with your brand name.

    • Enjoy Value-added Services

      Enhance your BizText plan with these value-added services; global SMS, keyword reservation, dedicated short code service, additional number masking, and additional User IDs.

    • Bilingual SMS

      Expand your reach with English and Chinese SMS messaging.

    BizText Postpaid BizText 2500 BizText 5000 BizText 10000
    SMS Bundle 2,500 / month 5,000 / month 10,000 / month
    Monthly Subscription $214.00 / month $404.46 / month $800.36 / month

    BizText Value-Added Services

    • Global SMS
    • Additional Number Masking
    • Additional User IDs (Blocks of 10)
    • Dedicated Short Code Service
    • Keyword Reservation

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