1. If my company applies for TalkShare Plan, e.g. TalkShare Tier 1, how many mobile lines will my company receive?

    We will provide up to 3 mobile lines to your company. If your company terminates any mobile lines within 3 months, surcharge for 3 months service commitment contract applies. For example, if your company terminates 1 mobile line in the first month, your company needs to pay a surcharge of S$64.20 (S$32.10 x 2 months).

  2. Can my company add more mobile lines to TalkShare Plan?

    Yes, your company can add up to 30 mobile lines to TalkShare Plan.

  3. In the event of SIM card loss, can my company suspend the mobile line?

    Yes, the mobile line can be suspended. If the SIM card is not replaced within 21 days, the mobile line will be terminated. Full monthly subscription for TalkShare Plan will still be billed to your company.

  4. How many handset contracts can my company have if it subscribes to Talkshare Plan?

    For a 2-year handset contract, your company can have up to 30 handset contracts, depending on the TalkShare Plan you have subscribed to.