1. What is Enterprise Data Passport (EDP)?

    EDP is an unique feature of Enterprise Mobile plans where it offers data roamers to utilize local data bundle over 75 destinations.

  2. What are the difference between EDP and Consumer Data Passport?

    EDP covers 75 destinations by default and do not need roaming activation.

  3. What is the excess charges for local data bundle on EM+ plans?

    Excess usage after the Local Data Bundle will be charged at $5.35 per GB and capped at $295.32 per month. For data roaming usage , customers may use up to 3/5/7GB per month to data roam with the Enterprise Data Passport subscription, after which excess usage will be charged at $5.35/GB. A monthly data bill cap of $295.32 will also apply.

  4. These plans come with 13GB, 40GB and unlimited local data. Can I sign-up Data Upsize VAS?

    No. Data Upsize is not allowed to be stacked onto the existing local data bundle.

  5. What is the service commitment for these new bill plans?
    • SIM only plans
      • 1st month subscription with no pro-ration
      • 2nd month onwards, subscription will be pro-rated

    • 24 months contract

  6. Can I sign up these Enterprise Mobile+ plans under Corporate Individual Scheme/CORI?


  7. Are the new bill plans eligible for other Value Added Services like Multi-SIM, IDD, Roaming services and Caller Number Display?


  8. These bill plans come with Enterprise Data Passport (EDP). Is there an option to opt out for EDP?

    No, it is the unique features of the plans.

  9. Some countries are not found in EDP. Am I still able to use data roaming?

    Yes, you may still be able to use data roaming as Pay Per Use.

    Alternatively, you may subscribe to Enterprise Data Roam Worldwide @ $299/mth.

  10. Since I’m able to sign-up for Enterprise Data Roam Worldwide ($299) VAS, what will be the data roaming charging sequence?
    • Scenario 1: User in Malaysia hook onto Celcom network
      • Local data usage will be deductible via EDP.
      • EDP charging will take priority in the event there are overlapping networks.

    • Scenario 2: User in Myanmar hook onto MPT network
      • Myanmar is not part of EDP.
      • Enterprise Data Roam Worldwide ($299) do cover Myanmar, you will be able to use data roaming without being charge as Pay Per Use.

  11. What are the sign up options for these new bill plans?
    • 24 months smartphone contract
      • Enterprise Mobile 3+ is equivalent to Mass+ plan
      • Enterprise Mobile 12+ is equivalent to Reg+ plan
      • Enterprise Mobile X+ is equivalent to Max+ plan

    • SIM-only plans
      • 1st month subscription with no pro-ration
      • 2nd month onwards, subscription will be pro-rated if terminated

  12. How do I view my usage on this plan?

    The usage can be viewed on My M1 app. Simply download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.