1. What is BizText?
  2. BizText is an enterprise-centric messaging platform which allows you to broadcast marketing messages directly to your customers easily. You can also conduct interactive SMS/MMS campaigns with the interactive feature.

  3. How does BizText work?
  4. Each customer will be assigned a UserID and a password to portal which allows you to create direct messaging campaigns and track the effectiveness.

  5. Why BizText?
  6. BizText is a highly cost effective manner to reach out to your customers without a high upfront investment. The service also allows you to send messages to a specific profile of your audience and track each campaign's effectiveness.

  7. Can BizText support 2 way SMSes?
  8. Yes.

  9. Do I have to purchase any hardware for M1 BizText?
  10. No. Customers will be assigned a User ID and password which will then give access to an online portal.

  11. How do I subscribe to BizText?
  12. You are able to send an online enquiry, contact your Account Manager or call 1622.

  13. What do I need to subscribe to BizText?
  14. Your business registration needs to be on the ACRA system.

  15. Does BizText allow the sender to be displayed as my company name?
  16. Yes, your marketing messages can display your company or brand as the sender.

  17. Can I send my marketing messages in Chinese?
  18. Yes, BizText supports both English and Chinese language.