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Specializes in F&B QR Code ordering, iPad & Kiosk Self ordering & payment, POS, Membership with loyalty points and CRM as well as Online Ordering solutions.


With its HQ based out of China, Yumstone is a leading innovator of ordering systems for all types of restaurants especially tailored for Chinese restaurants with many outlets due to its robust performance.

The latest Yumstone QR code ordering can save restaurant owners up to 30% of their labour costs, brings up their service level, and improves productivity whilst increasing at least of 25% of the table turnaround. As customers can order using their own devices, phones and tablets, this mode of contactless ordering is particularly important during COVID-19.

Yumstone membership module empower the restaurant to promote loyalty among its customer base and greatly increase the number of return customers with the use of loyalty points.

Yumstone CRM has been seamlessly integrated to the cash register system where customers automatically enjoy the member benefits eg. loyalty points or vouchers after making their payments.

With Yumstone membership and CRM system, Restaurants can now automatically or manually process the batch of regular customers to release vouchers or product vouchers to achieve the high customer return visit rate. As for the Yumstone Point of Sales (POS) system, it will record the orders and at the same time print the order in the kitchen. It will increase service productivity as well as cut down on labour cost. Overall, it will improve on the quality service level and customer satisfaction.

Relevant Industries: Food & Beverage (F&B) and Services




QR code self ordering which customers make their own orders at the restaurants, thus increase revenue by higher table turnover and solve the bottom neck of customers waiting for waiter/waitress to take order for them.

Efficient streamlined manpower, cutting down on mistakes.

Effective audit to prevent loopholes and lock profits.

Able to generate different type of sales reports to understand the business sales statistics. The detailed analytics provided assist business owners in making informed decisions.