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Zolution combines decades of management experience, Zoho's award-winning technologies, and extensive system implementation know-how to make an immediate impact on a company’s business performance. We provide full-fledged cloud solutions and professional services to drive business growth and solve the critical challenges for businesses.

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All-in-one application - Zoho One contains 40+ solutions - from CRM, marketing campaigns, project management, to service support, with mobile apps.

Streamlined workflows - Integration with WhatsApp and VoIP telephony.

Friendly user interface with rich online resource and tutorials.

24 x 5 support from Zoho via online chat, emails, and calls.

  1. What is the full-employee pricing of Zoho One?
    The pre-approved Zoho One package is under the full-employee pricing plan (The flexi pricing plan will cost two times more). In order to take advantage of the much-discounted price plan of Zoho One, all employees need to sign up for the paid plan.