Cyber Theft Warranty (CTW), provides mobile users with cash relief to ease their monetary loss in e-wallet incurred as a result of cyber theft to their mobile phone.


With the continued rise of malware Apps targeting on mobile devices, mobile users are left more vulnerable with little recourse to compensation.

Cyber Theft Warranty (CTW), a first-of-its-kind program, provides the mobile users with a cash relief, the payout of which is capped at recommended retail price of the phone, to ease their monetary loss in e-wallet incurred as a result of a cyber theft to their mobile phone.

Enjoy these special launch price at $10 (UP$20) for a year warranty


  • First-of-its-kind integrated mobile warranty in Singapore
  • Peace of mind to make e-wallet transaction on M1 mobile
  • Attractive one-time charge for 12 months warranty

Example of E-Wallet

  • NetsPay
  • GrabPay
  • DBS PayLah!
  • Active Wallet By ActiveSG
  • BeePay By Honest Bee
  • WeChat Pay

Sign Up Process

1. Sign up CTW VAS at M1 Corporate Individual Roadshows

  • Your warranty starts at the point of VAS sign up
  • Wait for M1 notification email for next step

2. Download “Activate.IT” app and register

3. Congratulations. Your registration is completed!

  • You will receive registration details on email from DiSa

Claim Process

  • Once monetary loss in e-wallet due to cyber attack on registered smartphone is detected, proceed to make police report within 48 hours.
  • Within 48 hours of police report, file an online claim at
  • The documents below are mandatory for a successful claim:
    • Police report
    • Agency or Financial Institution Report to confirm on monetary loss in e-wallet
    • Proof of purchase of the M1 phone/phone receipt
  • The customer shall direct all Claims, queries, dispute and issues to DiSa directly.
  • Upon successful claim, typical pay-out date would be 1 month.
  • Pay-out mode would be in the form of fund transfer or cheque. DiSa to confirm with customers directly.
1. What actually can I claim for?
Loss of monies due to a Cyber Hack from the registered device(s) whereby a direct loss of monies from the accounts in Electronic-wallets occurs
2. Can I sign up the VAS anytime within the handset contract?
No. The VAS has to be signed up during point of handset sign up
3 I have an existing handset currently under M1 contract. Can I sign up this VAS?
No. The VAS can only be signed up if you sign up a new handset contract or recontract for new 24 months.
4. I have signed up CTW service. When is the warranty starting and ending?

Start from the date of the sign up of the service and end on 12-month from the start date. Customer to wait for the notification (SMS) from M1. Typically within 7 days.

Upon receiving M1 CTW notification, proceed to do mandatory registration on an app named “Activate. It”.

5. I have signed up CTW service but I did not complete the registration on the “Activate. It” app. What would happen?
You service is not activated and you will face rejection when you make claims.
6. I’ve purchased a new smartphone from M1 Shop and the smartphone has been replaced due to valid reason. Will the new IMEI be updated automatically?
No. Please submit the supporting documents to DiSa during claim submission.
7. Can I transfer the warranty to another person or phone?
No, as the warranty is tied to the registered phone. Once the subscribed line is transferred to another person, the warranty will void.
8. I’d like to enquire about the claim details, coverage, how to use the DiSa/CTW application or portal.

Please contact DiSa below

9. I’d like to file a claim or enquire about the claim status.