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M1 Cloud UC Service Application Form

Guidelines :

- Thank you for choosing online sign up for M1 Cloud UC, we will guide you to fill up the Service Application form shortly and there will be $8.56 monthly charge per user depends on the number of user you sign up.
- You need to provide an administrator email address for receiving a welcome email once the provisioning is done.
- Please follow the instructions inside the welcome email to create the administrator account, download & install the Cloud UC soft client.
- Then the administrator will be able to assign Cloud UC account to his users through the PC soft client.
- Local outgoing call will be charged at 1.07 cents per minute & M1 prevailing IDD rates apply when making any IDD call.
- Each Cloud UC account will assign a M1 level 6 number unless you indicate number retention. Number retention will be charged at $2.675 per level 6 number per month to be retained.
- If you need to retain any existing level 6 number, you need to fill up Number Porting form after the Service Application form
- If you need auto call attendant (up to 3 call routes) or call hunting (one hunting group up to 5 hunting Cloud UC level 6 numbers), you may call M1 to activate after your Cloud UC service is activated.
Please take note that there will be 12 months minimum service commitment and early termination charge of the remaining month apply
-To complete the online sign up, you need to email us the following copy within 2 working days (there will be instruction after you fill up the form(s))

1. ACRA.
2. Letter of AO authorization letter (Click Here for to download a template)

If you have any question, please fill up the enquiry form and our friendly sales staff will contact you shortly .

Fill Up below form to SIGN UP

Please enter your company name
Please enter number only Please enter Main office number
Please Enter Name Of Authorized Officer
Please Enter Designation Of Authorized Officer
Enter Contact No Of Authorized Officer Please enter Contact No Of Authorized Officer
Enter Billing Address Postal Code Billing Address Postal Code
Please Enter Billing Address
Enter numeric only Please enter Company Admin Mobile NO
Please Enter Business Registration No
Please Enter NRIC/Passport No
Please Enter Email Address of Company Administrator Please enter valid Email Address
Please Enter Email Address of Administrator Please enter valid Email Address
Port-In Service (please fill up the Number Port Form)
Enter Please indicate the number of Cloud UC line required Please indicate the number of Cloud UC line required
Please Enter Please indicate Numbers to Port-In

If you are existing customer with Cloud UC and wants to add user to your existing account, please indicate your existing billing account number below

Remark : the number of Cloud UC line will be added to your existing administrative account.

Contract Term
Please select
Terms & Conditions for Cloud Unified Communications

Please click the below links to fill up and submit the optional necessary eform(s). Form 2 will only need to fill up if you want to retain your existing level 6 number.

Form 2 : Number Porting form (optional) Click Here


1 How do I know if my service application is successful ?

After your application is submitted, your are required to submitted a copy of your company ACRA via email to And M1 team may contact you if there is any clarification is needed. It will take about 3 to 5 working days for the service activation, once you have furnished all necessary information. And your administrator email will receive an welcome email from Rainbow and it will guide the person to register as admin user.

2 Who can sign up M1 Cloud UC ?

Only enterprise customer with valid Singapore business registration number can sign up M1 Cloud UC.

3 If I need more information before decide to sign up ?

If you need more information before you can decide to sign up, you may click “Enquiry” with simple contact information and our friendly sales person will contact you soon.

4 Is there any contractual period ?

Yes, there will be minimum 12 month contractual period for each M1 Cloud UC line, any early termination the remaining contractual month will be charged

5 What happen if I forgot to email the ACRA copy to after I submitted my application ?

Suppose you should email a copy of your company ACRA copy to within 2 working days after the application submission. However if you still not submit your company ACRA copy to within 2 working days. You application will be unsuccessful.

6 How to use M1 Cloud UC ?

To use M1 Cloud UC, company has to assign a customer administrator with his email address provided in the eform and he will receive an welcome email to guide him to register the first Cloud UC line as admin user and then he can assign Cloud UC line to the rest.

7 Where customer can download the soft clients ?

When the user being invited to register as Cloud UC user, he will receive an email with instruction to set up his Cloud UC line and links to download and install the soft client he needed. Alternatively M1 Cloud UC users can refer to M1 Cloud UC web site or Rainbow iOS & Android mobile clients from the respective App Stores.

8 Can I use M1 Cloud UC in other countries ?

Customers may use M1 Cloud UC in foreign country as long as the soft client can access to Internet. Mobile data charges (local / roaming) apply when using mobile client in overseas. Best if those customer subscribe to M1 Data Passport .

9 Can I use M1 Cloud UC on Mobile Tablets ?

The M1 Cloud UC mobile user interface is primarily designed for mobile phone use. However soft client can be installed in Mobile tablets. The display resolution may not be as good as mobile phone devices.

10 Can I use M1 Cloud UC with Mac PC ?

Yes, it is supported .

11 If M1 Cloud UC users forgot their password, how to reset password ?

M1 Cloud UC users can reset their password by clicking “Forget Password” from the soft client and an email from Rainbow will be sent to user registered email address for user to reset their password. Alternatively, the user can request their company admin user to help reset their password.

Before submit the application, please ensure all the above information that you provided are correct. If you want to retain your level 6 number, please click the Form 2 above and complete it before submit your application. Once you submit your application, you can not make further changes.