With M1 CLOUD CONNECT, you can easily establish a dedicated, private network between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and your datacenter, office or colocation environment. Realise the benefits of AWS’ scalable public cloud infrastructure via private and direct connectivity M1’s secure, and reliable fibre network.


  1. AWS Direct Connect
    A private, secure network connection between your location(s) and AWS which removes the need to traverse the public Internet when using AWS cloud computing resources.

  2. Dedicated Bandwidth
    Scalable connectivity options from 50Mbps to 500Mbps with optimised latency and throughput for improved performance of your business applications.

  3. Cost Savings
    Realise significant cost savings with lower data transfer rates.

  4. Private Connectivity
    No Internet connectivity means your traffic stays within the region and never goes over the public Internet.

  5. Reliable Coverage
    Leverage M1's extensive fiber backbone for a secure, resilient connection.

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