• M1 Wireless LAN solution gets everyone connected to the Internet within seconds – wherever you are on the network. Simply convert your corporate office or school campus into a wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and experience the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere within the WLAN.

    This solution is suitable for education institutions and companies who encourage their employees to “Bring Your Own Devices” (BYOD) to work.

    M1 is the preferred choice for WLAN
    M1 uses the latest Wireless LAN technology to deliver fast connection speeds so employees or students within the WLAN can connect quickly and easily to the Internet with a WiFi-enabled device. More than 100 schools in Singapore have chosen M1 to create a secure and flexible WLAN environment to promote learning.


    Seamless and Secure Access

    Network is password-protected to ensure that the network is safe from unauthorized access. Centralised user administration allows you to be in control of the WLAN effortlessly.


    Minimise capital investment and equipment obsolesce.  M1 provides ongoing hardware and service support to give you the peace of mind to focus on your core business.

    Business-grade Network

    Our network is designed and built for enterprise. This network is dedicated for business customers and hence gives our customers the assurance of network quality.

    Professional and Dedicated Service Support

    Besides round-the-clock support service, we have a pool of dedicated M1 Account Managers to assist our business customers.

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    M1 offers a full suite of business solutions and professional IT expertise to meet your business needs.

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  • M1 has proven track record in more than 100 WLAN deployments for schools and major commercial offices.

    M1 WLAN deployment services include:
    • Site Surveys – Analysis of the planned environment. This includes the identification and verification of the type and placement of wireless devices to create a highly available, secure WLAN.
    • Staging and Solutioning – Depending on your business requirements, M1 is able to deploy network equipments such as Web Captive Portal for user authentication, Load Balancer for link redundancy to create a complete and cost-effective network.
    • Installation – Onsite Field Engineer to mount, secure, connect and verify the operation of the equipments.
    • Management Services – This includes fault management, configuration management, performance management and security management.

    The end-to-end management of M1 Wireless LAN service helps our customers avoid the typical challenges of WLAN deployment so as to achieve the best possible performance from their investment.