Today, businesses become more dependent on IT to deploy their mission-critical operations and thus, this make them more vulnerable to DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-service) attacks.

    M1’s new cloud-based managed DDoS mitigation service will proactively detect DDoS attacks by filtering off attack traffic from its intended target while allowing legitimate data to continue on to its destination, in real time.

    The cloud-based managed network security service will deliver superior protection from DDoS attacks and enable businesses to stay focus on what’s important.

    How it Works

    How it works

    Key Features

    Network-Based DDoS Protection

    Network and Application Based DDoS Protection
    Detect and mitigate high volume network-based DDoS attacks through an adaptive network behavior-based engine. It covers all types of L3 and L4 floods. Also, it can detect and mitigate bot originated application-based DDoS attacks which misuse application resources.

    Network Scanning

    Network Scanning Protection
    Able to trace the source of abnormal behavioral, such as any type of network scanning (“pre-attack” probes), sources that are infected with malware which propagates itself using network scanning activities.

    Attacks Protection

    Direct Application DDoS Attacks Protection
    Specifically designed to repel DDoS attacks that require “special” filtering criteria e.g., syn cookies, application challenge/response, behavioral-based and rate-limit based mechanisms.


    DDoS Attacks

    Protect your online businesses and corporate data against DDoS attacks


    Proactively monitor, detects and mitigate DDoS attacks and internet traffic abnormalities at the moment they occur


    Provide quick response to filter out the DDoS attack and allows legitimate traffic to pass through

    M1 offers a full suite of business solutions and professional IT expertise to meet your business needs.

    Enquire Now

  • Deployed in M1 Data Centre, M1’s Managed DDoS mitigation service provides up to application layer-7 DDoS detection and defense. It actively monitors and analyses your company’s Internet traffic in the event of a DDoS attack, performing the necessary mitigations and notifying you by phone and email.

    When DDoS attack is detected, mitigation is automatic with minimum or no participation on your part, giving you peace of mind and focus on other key aspects of your business.

    The service is fully managed by M1 and it comes with two options to meet your security needs.


    Volumetric and application layer DDoS mitigation service
    A cloud-based managed monitoring and mitigation service against volumetric DDoS attacks with additional protection against application-layer DDoS attacks from the Internet to protect online businesses


    Volumetric, application layer and SSL based DDoS mitigation service
    Besides volumetric and application layer DDoS mitigation, sophisticated SSL based DDoS attack protection will further safe guard online businesses, which require HTTPS internet connectivity.

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