• IT Visibility At Your Fingertips

    Improve efficiency and reduce the cost of failure with M1 Managed Broadband Monitoring. This subscription-based service allows you to have visibility of your connection at your fingertips so that you can make informed decisions resulting in better planning decisions.

    Our Monitoring services includes:

    Services Description

    Managed Link Monitoring

    Remotely tracks your broadband link status, utilisation and router performance in real-time.

    Managed Traffic Monitoring

    Provides details of internet traffic usage behavior and profiles such as top destinations, top applications and traffic trending analysis. Provides an ability to detect network abnormalities and common network-based attacks.

    Managed Firewall Monitoring

    The service uses intelligent log collection and correlation engines to analyze real-time logs and detects suspicious Internet attack events to trigger system alarms.

    The visibility of the network allows your business to improve network SLA, increases business efficiencies, and reduces security risks and lowers in-house operational costs.

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    M1 offers a full suite of business solutions and professional IT expertise to meet your business needs.

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  • Managed Link Monitoring

    Remote 24x7 tracking of customers’ broadband link connections including link status, link SLA, link utilization and router performance in real-time.

    Managed Link Monitoring also detects and reports link congestion and router performance bottlenecks, based on predefined threshold. Monthly summary/detail reports are available to customer via the online dashboard.

    Provides real-time transparency to customers on the overall link availability, link usage, and helps them to perform better capacity planning.

    A monthly report provides immediate visibility for customer to understand how their investment is spent and therefore make better business decisions.

    Managed Traffic Monitoring

    Provides in-depth business intelligence without investing in additional hardware.

    Managed Traffic Monitoring presents detail broadband/Internet traffic usage and profiling, such as top applications (what do users do), top destinations (where do they go), and traffic trending analysis (user behavior changes).

    Through correlations and heuristic analysis, Managed Traffic Monitoring also detects network anomalies and common network-based attacks such as DDoS attacks, Port Scanning, UDP Flooding, etc.

    This service provides deep visibility to customers on the user behaviors and Internet traffic patterns for intelligent business decisions. It also helps customers to understand their network security postures and plan for preventive measures.

    Managed Firewall Monitoring

    More than 80% of enterprise customers who have firewalls do not monitor their firewall logs – a big loophole in security operations as firewalls still need to be opened for Internet access.

    Managed Firewall Monitoring is designed to address today’s security gaps in enterprise IT operations. The service uses intelligent log collection and correlation engines to analyze real-time logs and detects suspicious Internet attack events, which will trigger system alarms. Our Security Operation Center (SOC) engineers will perform further analysis and immediately escalate to the customer if and when legitimate attacks are identified.

    Managed Firewall Monitoring helps our customers to detect security attacks and recommends remedial actions in time, before further possible damages to the business operations. It reduces customers’ Internet operation security risks without significant costs to the business.