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Fixed Voice
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  • Why choose M1 Fibre Broadband?


      With no international speed cap and no BitTorrent throttling, maximum bandwidth is allocated to your connection to attain the fastest international download speeds for you to enjoy a seamless experience whenever you are downloading or streaming on Netflix and YouTube.


      Ready to stream and surf much faster than you ever imagined? With symmetric speed provisions, M1 ensures that your maximum upload speeds are as lightning fast as your top most download speeds.

      Share huge files in a jiffy, keep gaming without lag and stream your favourite HD videos, seamlessly, all at the same time.

      To receive data, your device sends an initial request upstream so you can start surfing or downloading. What affects the download speeds and file sharing is the upload speed. M1 gives you an ‘upload speed boost’ to ensure that your request is delivered faster resulting in a superior surfing experience.


      Every subscription of M1 Fibre Broadband (except 10Gbps plan) comes with a free home fixed voice service with crystal clear voice quality. Have fun with free unlimited local outgoing and incoming calls, free number retention, and 30% discount on IDD 002 and 021 services.

    Gamers get additional power in our GamePRO Plan


      With a dedicated network for GamePRO users, you get the highest prioritization in traffic and as a result, blazing speeds you always longed for.


      With a committed lower latency within M1’s network, you enjoy smoother gameplay on your favourite games.


      Get faster kills and even more epic wins powered by custom routes to overseas servers. Because we know a split-second makes all the difference.

  • FBB200

    Get the lowest priced Fibre Broadband plan at just $29/mth! Option to top-up for an AC Ryan VEOLO 4K UHD Media Player is available too. This plan comes with up to $200 off handset, 300Mbps Mobile Broadband (1GB) and more. Hurry, sign up now!


    Get the best value Fibre Broadband plan at just $39/mth! Option to top-up for an AC Ryan VEOLO 4K UHD Media Player is available too. This plan comes with up to $200 off handset, wireless AC router, 300Mbps Mobile Broadband (1GB), dect phone and more. Hurry, sign up now!


    Enjoy dedicated network and committed lower latency for Gamers! Option to top-up for an AC Ryan VEOLO 4K UHD Media Player or a Razer Gaming Bundle is available too. Sign up now and receive up to $200 off handset, wireless AC router, 300Mbps Mobile Broadband (1GB), dect phone and more.

    Running your business from home is now possible with M1’s newest SOHO fibre broadband. Besides a blazing 1Gbps Fibre Broadband connection, you will also get reliable Email/Web Hosting services to manage and grow your business. Never miss an important call with our latest offering, Unified Communications (UC) service, which allows you to be contacted through even when you are away from home with the second Level 6 number assigned to you.

    Feel the difference in your connection with M1’s blazing fast 10Gbps Fibre Broadband! Option to top-up for an AC Ryan VEOLO 4K UHD Media Player is available too. This plan comes with up to $200 off handset, 300Mbps Mobile Broadband (1GB) and more. Get M1’s Fibre 10Gbps plan today and gear up your home for the future!


    Would you like to top-up $5/mth for a wireless AC router?

  • Short-term Fibre Broadband Plans

    At M1 we understand that you may be looking for a shorter contract commitment. This is why we offer Fibre Broadband Plans with a contract of just 12 months. What's more, you still get to enjoy our free home fixed voice service when you sign up for your 12 month Broadband Plan.

    For our 24 months promotions, please click here

    Fibre Broadband Plan 100Mbps 300Mbps
    Monthly Subscription $39 $59
    Contract Duration (Months) 12 12
    Theoretical Download Speed (Mbps)
    100 300
    Upload Speed Up To (Mbps) 100 300
    Typical Download Speed (Mbps)* 95.6 – 99.4 146.0 – 294.7
    Fixed Line Yes Yes
    Mobile Broadband No No
      Buy Now Buy Now

    * The typical speed range refers to the range of download speeds that users can experience 80% of the time based on the specific test conditions and parameters which are stipulated on www.m1.com.sg/HBBspeeds. Testing Time frame: April to June 2016.

  • Enjoy FREE Crystal Clear Fixed Voice Connection with M1 Fibre Broadband

    Stay connected with your loved ones with M1 Fixed Voice Service. To enjoy your FREE fixed voice service, simply plug your home phone into the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) installed by M1 when you sign-up for Fibre Broadband.

    What's more, you will get:

    • Free unlimited local calls (incoming and outgoing)
    • Free number retention
    • Attractively priced value-added services
    • 30% discount off listed rates for IDD 002 and 021 calls

    Find out how to make IDD 002 and IDD 021 calls.
    You can also check country codes and listed rates for 002 and 021 services.

    Auction Numbers

    Check out our latest range of special numbers and bid for your favourite now!

    Value Added Services (VAS)

    Each VAS at $2.14/ month VAS Package at $4.28/ month
    Call waiting
    Call divert
    Call barring (outgoing)
    3-party conference call
    Caller number display
    Caller number non-display
    Caller number display
    Call waiting
    Call divert
    3-party conference call

    Call 1627 now to subscribe.
    Preparing Your House for Fibre Broadband
    1. Fibre-readiness Check

      Do you have a Fibre Termination Point (TP) installed?

      (YES): If you already do, your home is now fibre-ready which means you can sign up for a M1 Fibre Broadband service anytime.

      (NO): If you have missed the free TP installation provided by NetLink Trust, you can consider selected M1 plans that offer free TP installation. M1 can also help to arrange for your TP installation upon signing up.

    2. What to expect on your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) appointment date?

      The contractor from M1 will help to install the ONT and test if the Fibre Broadband connection has been successfully activated.

  • SAMS

    Watch over your elderly loved ones anytime and anywhere.

    Static IP Service

    Maximise your Home Fibre Broadband experience with M1's Static IP service!

    Internet Security

    Keep your family safe with M1 Security Suite which gives you 24/7 virus and threat protection.

    Games Online

    For fun and entertainment galore, look no further than our collection of multi-player online games.


    Use our one-stop integration service to have your home network up and running in no time.

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