Let's Make Smart Homes Mainstream

It's a pity that The Jetsons were a little off in their prediction of what life would be like in the future – we want our flying cars! That said, they really hit the nail on the head when it comes to some other aspects of modern life: from video calls to wearable devices, robots that vacuum, and flat-screen TVs. So, it wasn't all that inaccurate.

Whether inspired by such shows or not, it is probably the desire for convenience that has led us to push the boundaries in science and technology. Forget waiting for weeks to receive a package. Amazon Prime lets you get it the next day! The latest news is available through your smartphone. And then there’s streaming services, allowing us to watch almost anything we want with just a few clicks.

Convenience is great, and the invention of devices to bring greater convenience into our lives is bound to continue, even into smart home technology.

What Exactly is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a home that's outfitted with smart devices, devices which can connect to the internet and be controlled remotely by you from your smartphone wherever you are. These smart technology devices fall within what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT), which has become the latest and greatest in tech trends.

The wide range of amazing smart home devices available on the market has been made possible by innovations in processors and memory chips. Shrinking substantially in size over the years in tandem with a drastic reduction in costs to design and manufacture tech, these devices are more affordable than ever before!

Still, will it be worth adding to your home? Let’s look at a few pros and cons of using a smart hub.

Key benefits of implementing smart tech in your Singapore home

There are so many reasons to embrace smart home technology into your life, including:

  • Increased security: There are many smart devices you can set up for better peace of mind. From smart locks to motion sensors, they ensure that your family is kept safe and protected.
  • Reduce energy consumption: Log into an app and make sure no one left any electronic appliances on. Switch them off remotely from your phone if needed. It will save you energy and money!
  • Convenience: Why go through the trouble of manually setting up an audio system and scrolling through your playlist, when you can simply ask your hub to play it? And that’s just one of many ways a smart home brings convenience to you.
  • Comfort: After a long day at work, don't you want to relax with some mood lighting, and relaxing music playing all around you? You can set all of this - and so much more - up with a smart home.
  • Productivity: Working from a home office either part-time or full-time due to the pandemic? A smart home can streamline the way you operate and ensure you stay productive throughout your working hours.

The Most Popular Smart Technology Gadgets Today

We are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to the smart home devices available to us these days. And with the continued popularity of smart technology, it seems the trend is only going to continue. Even so, there are a few devices which are more widely used than others:

1. Hubs - Smart speakers/voice assistants

Arguably the first item that should be purchased when setting up your smart home, as most of them are compatible with all the other smart devices. A Hub will make controlling things all around your home easier with voice commands.

Browse the M1 Smart Home selection of Deluxe and Premium Home packages. Both come with premium Smart Hub devices.

2. Smart plugs

Smart plugs and power outlets are a great - and very affordable - way to turn your standard electrical appliances and devices into smart home devices. Simply plug it into your existing wall socket, then plug the appliance or device into the smart plug, which connects to your home Wi-Fi. You can then use your smartphone to switch it on and off from wherever you are. M1 has smart plugs included in almost all its packages too!

3. Smart security systems

There are a ton of options when it comes to smart security. From motion sensors and keypads to high-dB alarms, security camera systems, doorbells with inbuilt cameras, and smart locks, secure your Singapore home as you see fit.

The Smart Lock package available at M1 provides the convenience of keyless entry to both your gate and front door. Available at an affordable price, you can add it on to your Fibre Broadband plan!

4. Smart heating & cooling

Save energy and money by installing a smart heating and cooling system in your home. You can either use your smartphone or voice assistant to adjust the temperature to ensure your comfort at home, whether it’s raining or hot outside.

There are quite a few options, including the Ecobee4, Nest Thermostat, Honeywell Evohome, and others.

5. Smart lighting and switches

Possibly the most affordable and easy way to kickstart your smart home set up is with smart lighting and switches. Use your smartphone to set the lighting mood before you even get home, and switch it up with different colour combinations.

Smart switches give you the power to turn lights - and any other device connected to a switch - on and off remotely. They can even be set to switch on and off automatically when you get home or leave.

The Deluxe Home and Premium Home smart technology packages at M1 both offer multiple smart switches that do not require any rewiring in your home.

How to Design Your Own Smart Home in Singapore

Fitting your home in Singapore with smart technology is pretty straightforward - provided you’ve chosen the smart home package that suits your needs.

As one of Singapore’s leading digital services providers, you can't go wrong at the M1 shop. We take pride in our reputation for first-class customer service and will work together with you to select the perfect smart home solution.

There are 4 premium-quality smart home packages available:

  1. Smart Home Basics
  2. Deluxe Home
  3. Premium Home
  4. Smart Lock

The Deluxe Home, Premium Home, and Smart Lock packages include installation, while the Smart Home Basics is a DIY kit that can be set up very easily. All of these packages are available and can be added on to your M1 Fibre Broadband Plan.