M1 Limited (M1) was formed in August 1994 to enter the rapidly expanding mobile telecommunications market in Singapore.

In May 1995, we won the licence to operate Singapore's second cellular telephone service as well as a radio paging service. Both services were launched on 1 April 1997 when the previous monopoly ended.

Within three weeks of its launch, M1 signed up more than 35,000 cellular customers, one of the world's highest take-up rates for a new market entrant then.

Taking a fresh approach to mobile telecommunications, M1 began to set the pace for innovative services by introducing features such as 24-hour customer service, longer off-peak hours and bundled SMS (Short Message Service).

With our strong branding and value proposition, sales soared and within 21 months of commencing operations, M1 achieved profitability several years ahead of projection. Since then, M1 has made significant inroads into the local mobile and fixed markets, gaining considerable brand presence and market share. We are known as an innovative and quality full service provider with a customer-focused approach to business.

In our short history, M1 has successfully achieved many firsts; we were the first operator in Singapore to commercially launch 3G mobile services in February 2005; M1 Broadband, Singapore’s first true island-wide wireless broadband service was made available in December 2006; our fibre services were commercially launched on the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN) in September 2010 and after launching South East Asia’s first commercial Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in June 2011, we became the first operator in South East Asia to offer nationwide 4G service on 15 September 2012.

On 4 December 2002, M1 was listed on the Singapore Exchange in Singapore's largest public offering in three years and the third largest of all times. Founding shareholders - Keppel Telecoms Pte Ltd (19.33%) and SPH Multimedia Private Limited (13.45%), together with Axiata Investments (Singapore) Limited (28.69%) now jointly own 61.47% of M1 with the rest owned by institutional and public investors.*

* Note: Information correct as at 22 February 2018.