M1 offers undergraduate scholarships to students who demonstrate academic excellence, outstanding intellectual capacity, sound character and strong leadership potential. During their course of study, M1 will provide internships in existing roles and purposeful work.

Upon graduation, a structured and comprehensive talent development plan will be rolled out to equip scholars. The journey will entail exposure to multiple roles, participation in meaningful projects and leadership training programmes to prepare scholars for more challenging positions ahead.


M1 believes that to attract and retain the very best, we must invest in people. That's why we start to develop people well before they graduate from university. These practice internships offer our undergrads personal real world insights and exposures to actual working life, an experiential foundation to their career choices, and the chance to build valuable business networks. Talent-spotted undergrads may secure a promising position in M1 even before they graduate.

M1 collaborates with universities and polytechnics to offer internship opportunities to students. To find out more about internship opportunities at M1, please contact the Career & Attachment Office/Student Services Office at your school directly.