Customer Experience & Reach

M1 values customers and is committed to continually meet service standards and new product offerings. From performing extensive market research to offer new products and services, to frontline roles where customer’s needs are directly fulfilled, you can look forward to roles at M1 Shops, customer service, sales and marketing and product development functions.

Engineering & Information Technology

The Engineering function ensures M1’s customers enjoy the best when it comes to coverage, stability and speed. As an engineer, you can find roles where you can contribute to operations, maintenance and upgrading of local networks; plan for resources to meet operational requirements and subscribers’ growth; and effectively manage international traffic.

Technology is optimally used to enhance operational efficiency and to deliver innovative products and services to enhance customers’ experience. Opportunities to review new technology, applications, systems and infrastructure to provide cutting edge service solutions to customers, may be part of your job responsibility.

Corporate Functions

There are many other corporate functions that you can contribute your talent and skillsets to, like regulation, finance, human resources, procurement, facilities management, corporate communications, legal counsel, risk management and audit compliance. Everyone in the organisation holds on to the common belief that customers are in the centre of everything that they do. As a team, corporate functions together with Engineering, IT and Customer fronting roles, aim to provide the communication products and services that are distinctively M1.