Immerse in new and exciting tasks that challenge and encourage both mental and physical development. These innovative and at times adventurous activities build communication and problem-solving skills, as well as develop situational leadership and camaraderie amidst all the fun and excitement for the participants.

New Staff Academy

The New Staff Academy provides up-to-date training on M1 products and services and equips front-line staff with the necessary skills to excel in their roles, in an enriching and fun-filled learning atmosphere. The mindset and distinguishing factors of M1 are inculcated right here at the beginning of their M1 journey.

General Development

Lifelong learning has always been the focus of M1. Our staff are continuously equipped with new skills, with an approach towards holistic development. From communication to personal and service excellence courses, our staff will be trained  to perform at their personal best and be motivated to deliver greater results.

Leadership Programme

Visionary leaders are the anchors of every successful organisation. This programme aims to strengthen the leadership pipeline by rigorously sharpening the participants’ business acumen through strategic thinking, effective decision making and a deep understanding of key business challenges and opportunities.