M1 - Investor Relations Policy

General Principles

M1 Limited (“M1”) is committed to disclose and distribute all information to the public in a timely and accurate manner, in accordance with the listing rules stipulated by the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) and the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance in effect.

This Policy describes the principles and best practices which M1 applies in order to provide investors with fair, accurate and timely information necessary to make well-informed investment decisions.

M1 does not practise selective disclosure and is mindful that in the unlikely event of unpublished material information inadvertently disclosed to the public, remedial action will be taken immediately to make public disclosure as soon as practicable to SGX-ST.

M1 will communicate only through its designated spokespersons.

This Policy is subject to regular review by M1’s Investor Relations team.

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

M1 uses various communication channels to engage the shareholders and the investing community about the performance of the Company and to provide updates on pertinent developments.

Annual General Meeting (“AGM”)

  • M1’s AGM serves as an important platform for shareholders to engage in interactive and open dialogues with the Board and senior management.
  • AGMs are held at central and accessible location for shareholders’ convenience and to encourage participation.
  • M1’s Annual Report and Notice of AGM are sent to shareholders prior to the AGM to give them sufficient time to review the information. These materials are also announced to SGX-ST.
  • M1 supports voting by poll at AGMs and the poll results are announced to SGX-ST. The minutes of the AGMs are made available to shareholders upon request.

Results Announcements

  • M1 publicly releases its quarterly, interim and yearly results within one month of the financial period to SGX-ST via SGXNET.
  • All results related materials, including financial statements, presentations press releases are made available immediately on M1’s corporate website after release to SGX-ST.
  • M1 holds conference calls with media and analysts immediately after the release of every results. Audio webcasts and call transcripts of the conference calls, including question and answer sessions, are made available on M1’s corporate website.

Investors’ Communication

  • M1 participates in investor conferences, non-deal roadshows and industry conferences locally and overseas throughout the year, and engages investors through teleconferences and one-on-one or group investor meetings, to solicit and understand the views of the investment community.
  • Discussions made with investors are based on publicly-available materials and information.

Other Communication Channels

  • M1’s announcements, financial results, annual reports, press releases, audio webcasts and other information are posted on the Company’s corporate website https://www.m1.com.sg/aboutm1 under the “Investors” section.
  • M1’s Investor Relations team is accessible to analysts, shareholders, current and potential investors via ir@m1.com.sg. All enquiries are responded to within two working days.
  • M1’s Annual Reports are made available on M1’s corporate website https://www.m1.com.sg/aboutm1/investors/annualreports and hardcopies are made available upon requests.
  • Extraordinary General meetings (whenever applicable).

Investor Contact

Shareholders and the investment community can contact M1's investor relations at ir@m1.com.sg.