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M1 unveils new brand identity, supported by a full digital transformation – changing Singapore’s way of telecommunications

M1 unveils a new brand identity with made-to-measure offerings and an enhanced customer experience that is part of its digital transformation journey


SINGAPORE, 23 FEBRUARY 2021 – M1 Limited (M1) today unveiled a refreshed brand identity, supported by a full digital transformation. This marks the rebirth of M1 with a reinvigorated goal to become Singapore’s first digital network operator and transform the way customers engage with M1. Delivering a new and bold brand promise, the new M1 is set to change Singapore’s way of telecommunications through a made-to-measure offering backed by comprehensive digital transformation.

New Brand Promise

Inspired by the golden and magical hour of the day, the refreshed corporate colour symbolises that the best time is here for M1, while the ‘M’ in the new M1 logo represents the heart of the new brand, which is ‘Made-to-Measure’. It reinforces M1’s commitment to being a customer-centric company, delivering bespoke products that are tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers. 

As part of the brand refresh, M1 is also launching the ‘Be’ campaign, an ode to seven unique Singaporeans who dared to embrace their individuality, following their own paths and passions. This campaign celebrates each individual’s distinctiveness and demonstrates M1’s belief in empowering customers to be their best, unique and authentic selves, supported by a brand that fits every need. Watch out for exciting activities that M1 will be rolling out in the next three months with the launch of the “Be” campaign today.

As part of M1’s ambition as a digital communications service provider and to live out its new brand promise, M1 is also unveiling new made-to-measure mobile plans and enhanced digital experiences at multiple touchpoints for customers.

Made-to-measure offerings
Following the success of ‘One Plan – You Build It’, Singapore’s first made-to-measure mobile offering of this nature which was launched in 2019, M1’s newest Bespoke mobile plans aim to take personalisation to greater heights. The new M1 made-to-measure Bespoke mobile plans - Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke Contract and Bespoke SIM - can be customised in just three simple steps to fit every user’s individual needs.

Starting from just $15.95, these made-to-measure Bespoke mobile plans will allow M1 users to have more flexibility than ever, with a choice to adjust the upfront payment amount, set balance payment period for up to 36 months as well as select the data bundle and voice minutes that they need. In addition, customers under the Bespoke Flexi and SIM plans, can also adjust their base plan as often as once a month for free. Customers can go on to M1’s online shop at to kickstart this whole new experience and build your own Bespoke plan today.

Powered by deep revolutionary changes to its technology stack, M1 is the only telco in Singapore that is able to offer this degree of personalisation to its customers, which will pave the way for M1 to innovate with the latest technologies in the future, changing Singapore’s way of telecommunication.

Enhanced in-store digital experience
As part of M1’s digital transformation, M1 is also revamping its digital experience across all touchpoints. Enhancing its in store experience, the refreshed M1 Shop will offer an interactive store layout and in-store virtual ambassador, Megan, to engage walk-in customers and provide assistance with personalised recommendations.

The new interactive lifestyle My M1+ app not only allows customers to manage their plans, it also enables customers to self-serve with a few clicks. Supported by a full digital transformation, customers will also be able to tap on M1’s data analytics to gain access to real time insights to their bill and usage across device purchases, select relevant value-added services, explore exciting lifestyle options and more through the My M1+ app. The app is part of M1’s broader plan to enhance the customer journey as a lifestyle app encompassing everything from mobile and entertainment services to daily needs.

“In the past 25 years, M1 has successfully established itself as a leader in Singapore’s telecommunication industry. We have pioneered many firsts and gone through various cycles of disruption, but this is by far the most significant in terms of both scale and potential. Today, we are doubling down on innovation and radical growth in our technology infrastructure to stay ahead in the digital landscape. Our new brand and promise to deliver individualised experiences, coupled with our advanced digital capabilities, will keep M1 at the forefront of building Singapore’s digital economy while driving real value to our customers,” said Mr. Manjot Singh Mann, CEO of M1.

Future-proof and first-of-its-kind digital platform
M1’s digital transformation is enabled by its future-proof new technology stack which is able to integrate all aspects of its systems onto one digital platform. Working with some of the best leading technology service providers to integrate the systems, this first-of-its-kind digital platform in Singapore will radically simplify the way M1 operates while providing real value to customers. The new platform’s capabilities include:
1. Cloud-native applications: Optimise resources and improve business sustainability through cloud adoption with top tier cloud partners;
2. Data analytics for actionable insights: Streamlines over 200 databases onto a single data lake, which enables real-time data analytics and provides actionable insights to better serve customers from a single source of truth;
3. Automation and self-serve for efficiency: Customer facing touchpoints on the digital platform will be automated, offering better integration with partners to enable an enhanced and efficient digital experience for customers;
4. Hyper-personalisation services: Ability to personalise products, services and business solutions more rapidly and accurately, catering to customers’ specific needs.

Harnessing synergies as a part of the Keppel Group
This transformation is part of a two-year long journey which saw M1, working closely with its key shareholder, Keppel Corporation (Keppel), to digitally overhaul all M1’s processes and offerings, with a customer-first approach. M1 is a key pillar of Keppel’s connectivity business and plays an important role in Keppel’s Vision 2030, which includes tapping M1’s digital solutions and 5G network to enhance the Group’s suite of solutions for sustainable urbanisation.